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Guest Authors
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Call for Guest Authors

In our attempt to seek your participation, improve and enhance the contents of this site and make the contents more relevant to you and other visitors we do accept and publish posts/articles from guest authors or writers. To personally publish an Opinion or Article, please create a Registered User Account, activate your new account, log in using your new account and publish your content under the appropriate section.

We have several guest authors/commenters/writers constantly working to add quality content to the materials on this site and we do extend an invitation to those who are interested in contributing in like manner.

You are welcome to write on any topic under discussion or a completely new topic of your choice.

Articles from guest authors/writers etc. should be well written, beneficial to our readers and well researched. An alias can be used if desired by the guest author.

Guidelines for Submission

a. Submitted articles/posts must be in English.

b. We may occasionally publish a short poem etc. in a local language when possible or if it is part of the submitted article.

c. All submissions should include a valid name and email address which will not be shared with others unless desired by the author.

d. Submissions can be on new and relevant topics or on issues that have been raised by others on the site.

e. Divergent opinions on issues/topics are more than welcome.

f. Original and unique submissions are encouraged.

g. Please acknowledge the work of others when used. We are not liable for that.

h. Submissions must be of reasonable length (350 words and above).

I. Images are currently not allowed in posts but we can work with you if you have a strong desire to include images in a publication.

   Any such image and media used should be royalty free or used in accordance with the original license.

Terms of Agreement

a. The guest author/writers should inform us if the article/post has been previously published elsewhere.

b. The guest author and site owners agree to inform each other if the post/article is going to be re-published elsewhere.

c. We agree to provide a backlink to the guest author’s site/blog if any and attach their name to the post if they so desire.

d. Self-promotion and debasing of others in articles etc. is not encouraged.

e. With the exception of small typos, spelling mistakes etc. your article or opinion will not be edited.

f. We will reach out to you via email etc. if we have any concerns about a post and decide to unpublish it.

g. We reserve the right to refuse publication of any article for reasons that we deem unacceptable and will notify the guest author of such decisions.

You are welcome to email your questions, articles etc. to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via our fast contact form.

Thank you for your interest.

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