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UBER branding saga: Why Ghana’s MoT and GPRTU got it wrong


According to the association, the Legislative Instrument demands that all taxi operators brand their vehicles in the accepted taxi colors and display a taxi sign on top of their vehicles. However, Uber drivers nonetheless use personal vehicles with no semblance to the regular taxis.

Mr. Sydney Casely Hayford. File image


We journalists should be the dignified few of an elite craft. We are the ones who have been handed the probably unenviable duty of ensuring accountability and democratic governance.

Preventing streetism: An appeal to the government and the public


Every child has an early need for love from its caregiver before it can grow to become a cooperative, trusting, sympathetic individual. A good relationship with its mother helps the child to gain insight into its own characteristics, its role and its worth in society, and determines how the child relates with others throughout life.

Operation cow-leg; a case of high emotional jerk, but deficient in logic and objectivity


Mr. President, did I hear you say “Fulani Menace” on your Meet The Press Day? Really, Fulani Menace! Isn’t Fulani a tribe? And Menace is supposed to mean a person or thing that is likely to cause harm, a threat or danger? Is that how you are describing Us?

The writer, Osei Godfred


The Okuapeman conflict, like other chieftaincy conflicts has no winners considering the long run negative effect such conflicts would pose to the society and the nation as a whole.

Applause for free SHS - A call for improving school governance and leadership


Retired diplomat, Kweku Baprui Asante

Ghana News

Mr Asante retired from the Civil Service in 1978 to form the Social Democratic Front to contest the 1979 elections.

Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu - Chancellor of Dr. Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine

Ghana News

According to Dr. Nyarkotey, Nature is the defining metaphor for many alternative medicines. There is a science in alternative medicine and lots of researches have been done in this faculty of alternative medicine.

President Akufo-Addo (R) with Liberia President-Elect George Weah. File image

Ghana News

The inauguration of George Weah is scheduled to take place on Monday, 22nd January 2018, in Monrovia, Liberia.

Speaker of Parliament sworn - in as Acting President

Ghana News

Prof Oquaye took the oaths of the Office of President and allegiance in accordance with clause 12 of Article 60 of the Constitution.

Accra Regional Police Command on manhunt for seven escaped suspects

Ghana News

A police officer, who was shot and injured during the escape, later succumbed to his wounds while being treated at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra.

File image - Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia

Ghana News

A press statement on his trip has since been released by government officials

A Diet Strategy That Counts Time, Not Calories. Photo credit - wsj


“Whether you call it intermittent fasting, or time-restricted feeding, part of this strategy is to connect your mind and body.”

Novartis Foundation and Ghana Health Service announce successful integration and scale-up of telemedicine program. Copyright image courtesy of Nana Kofi Acquah/scidevnet


National coverage of telemedicine services is expected to be possible by 2019

File - In this June 1, 2017 photo, President Donald Trump shakes hands with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt after speaking about the Paris climate change accord in the Rose Garden in Washington.


A study has found that pregnant women who take drugs such as Ritalin and Concerta for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are more likely to have babies with heart deformities and other birth defects.


Vibrio cholerae. Photo credit - Pinterest


Clinigen extends agreement with Eisai to supply Halaven®, Fycompa® and Lenvima® into 10 African countries


KABUL: Gunmen stormed a luxury hotel in Kabul killing at least six people, including a foreigner, sparking a twelve hour fight with security forces.


More than 150 guests were able to flee as parts of the building caught fire, with some shimmying down sheets tied together and dropped from upper-floor windows and others rescued by Afghan forces.

Senate huddle moments before the government shutdown on Jan. 20, 2018. NBC photo


But Republicans failed to assemble a simple majority for the measure as some within their own ranks, frustrated with the spate of month-long spending bills, also opposed the short-term solution.

File image - Russian president Vladimir Putin (L) and US president Donald Trump.


"I guess they all realized they were going to have to leave it to a president that scored the highest on tests," he said.

Freedom House: Democracy Scores for Most Countries Decline for 12th Consecutive Year


EU chief urges Britain to change its mind over Brexit


Tusk, who chairs summits of EU leaders and speaks on their behalf, quoted U.K. Brexit envoy David Davis as saying that "if a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy."

In Norway, Trump's comments on immigration rejected as backhanded praise. Photo credit - NBC


Norwegians do have it pretty good. The oil-rich country ranks No. 1 in the United Nations Human Development Index, with a high life-expectancy at 81 years and high incomes. The United States is 10th on the same list.

FILE - A South Sudanese man, who says he was shot in the back and thigh by government soldiers while trying to get food in a nearby town in order to feed his starving family, sits with his five children outside his house in Jiech, Ayod County, South Sudan


"Seventy percent of the children are out of school; that is highest in the world. There is too much violence." she said “If we don’t help ... we are going to lose this generation and that would be tragic for South Sudan because a country cannot build itself without this next generation of young people."

Congolese security forces kill six, wound scores while dispersing anti-Kabila protest


Togolese women take to the streets against President Eyadema


Opposition leader, Jean-Pierre Fabre, said the march was a "great initiative", and added, "Faced with the refusal of the power to move forward, women have decided to enter the game." Scheduled talks for early November has since stalled, and no date has been fixed for the start of new discussions.

Zambia Starts Prayers and Fasting Against Cholera Outbreak. Photo credit: faceofmalawi


The fasting period to Kick out Cholera from the Land began on Monday and will go on until the next Monday, January 22nd.

File image - Togolese women set to hold mammoth all-women only demonstration on Saturday. Twitter image


President Obiang says 'Equatorial Guinea's attempted coup began in France’


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Sanchez will wear the No 7 shirt at Manchester United. Photo credit - skysports

English Premier League

"It really is a massive club, very powerful, and so now, when I got the opportunity to come here, I looked at the badge and my hairs just stood up on end because it's a powerful club and the biggest in England.

Alexis Sanchez insists Manchester United are the biggest club in England and says he nearly moved to Old Trafford when Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge. The Chilean completed his move from Arsenal on Monday, with Henrikh Mkhitaryan heading to the Emirates as part of a swap deal, and will wear the iconic No 7 shirt at Old Trafford.

Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu


There is no need worrying again to either travel outside or pay a huge amount of fees to study holistic medicine outside. It is now here in Ghana and this is made possible by the partnership between Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine in Cyprus rated amongst the Top Five Alternative medicine schools in the USA by Shannon Walker in 2012 inforBarrel and Dr. Nyarkotey Alternative Medical College located in Dodowa-Akoto House.

The Da Vinci College operates a modular degree system by which degrees are obtained via a process of credit accumulation. Modules are self-contained units of teaching, learning and assessment which usually run for one semester. Modules are worth a fixed amount of credit, so if you pass the module you gain the appropriate number of credits which then count towards your degree.

Each module is assessed in the semester in which it is taught. Assessment will normally comprise of examinations, continuous assessment or, in most cases, a combination of these. Students who fail the assessment for a particular module are offered an opportunity to be re-assessed.

Passing a module entitles the student to receive credits for that module. Students will also receive a grade for each module taken which will appear on the individual Diploma awarded for that module, as well as on the transcript given to the student upon completion of their studies.

Here is a summary of the curriculum for the Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine – DSc (HM). Based on the fact that Anatomy and Physiology and Pathology have been covered in undergraduate courses, then there are 8 modules required in total for completion, plus the Doctoral Dissertation. Seven of these are from the Compulsory List, and one topic is chosen from the Elective List – making 8 modules in total, along with the Doctoral Dissertation and the clinical practicum which is also compulsory:

Compulsory courses required (unless exemption is awarded):

Anatomy and Physiology

Pathology for Natural Medicine

Clinical Nutrition – Part 1

Herbal Medicine

Bach Flower Remedies

Naturopathic Medicine – Part 1

Energy Medicine and Bioresonance

Detoxification and Toxicology

Electives List:

Homeopathic Medicine

Su Jok Therapy


Clinical Nutrition – Part 2

Naturopathic Medicine – Part 2

Holistic Psychology

Live Blood Analysis

Naturopathic Sexology

Urinalysis and Body Fluids


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

The Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine consists of many separate modular courses covering a whole spectrum of health topics – each of these modular courses is a stand-alone and can be taken as an individual Diploma Course with Certification. This encourages the student to implement this knowledge-base in clinical practice as soon as they have completed each Diploma course, as they will have the Certification to prove that they have passed these exams for the said course.

The modular course structure based on distance-learning allows the student to work at their own pace while working elsewhere without having to disrupt family or working life. The student can even work while they are travelling as most of the course materials are in downloadable files that can be stored on the hard disc of the computer. There are hundreds of pages of reading material with each course.

There are also many interactive videos and documentaries to watch and you can even copy these directly to your laptop and watch them while on a plane. There are also hundreds of links to many other sources of helpful information – these courses have taken many years to write and develop and are at a cutting-edge level that is difficult to match.

The courses should ideally be taken in sequential order to benefit from prerequisite knowledge required to build on. The College and its courses have been accredited by the Pastoral Medical Association in the USA, and registered with the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) in the UK, as well as the Affiliation of Ethical and Professional Therapists (AEPT) in the UK. It also has obtained full professional board accreditation from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners in the USA.
Students in Ghana are eligible to be members of the Alternative Medical Association of Ghana (AMAG)
It is very rare to find a College that takes all these modalities and more and puts them into a Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine course – this is the essence of this course – you will not only be studying homeopathy or herbal medicine or naturopathy, but in fact you will study enough of each to be able to practice as a competent Holistic Health practitioner, dealing with many health issues that using only one healing modality will not be able to help.

This is made possible because the Founder and Academic Dean of the Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, Dr. George J Georgiou, Ph.D.,N.D.,DSc (AM).,MSc.,BSc has been studying natural methods of health for over 25 years and has amassed degrees and diplomas in the biological sciences, clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, Su Jok acupuncture, energy medicine, iridology, sclerology, live blood analysis, thermography, clinical psychology and clinical sexology, along with a lot more training in other modalities of healing, as well as many research interests and publications.

Not only did he spend a life-time studying all these topics in depth, but he has applied this knowledge by building a bespoke Holistic treatment centre called the Da Vinci Holistic Health Centre in Cyprus that uses all these modalities and more and sees patients from all over the world, specializing in the treatment of chronic disease. Students taking the Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine will be able to spend time undertaking clinical work at this cutting-edge Holistic Centre as part of their requirements.

To understand more about the Holistic Model and Dr Georgiou’s work at the Center read his latest book entitled: Curing the Incurable with Holistic Medicine

Course Completion

To gain maximal benefit from your studies, it is recommended that the student plan to take at least two, but preferably three courses per semester (4 chronological months). There are a total of 8 Diploma courses required to complete the D.Sc (HM), making for approximately 1,600 physical hours of study. The average student should be able to complete all nine compulsory courses to be awarded the Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine in about 12 – 18 months. A maximum of 60 months is allowed for completion for students with heavy work commitments.

If the Bachelor of Science in Holistic Medicine is completed, then the Doctoral degree can be began immediately without further ado.
Medical students usually study for just about 4,200 physical hours in the entirety of their course – most of the academic study is crammed into the first two years – they also have practical work on top of this. The Bachelor of Science in Holistic Medicine covers 9 courses which comes to a total of 1,800 hours (9 x 200 hours = 1,800). This means that 200 hours per course is equivalent to about 12 hours physical study per week.
If a student decides to go on to complete the Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine, there will be a further eight courses to complete, chosen from the electives (8 x 200 hours = 1,600 hours), along with the dissertation of about 20,000 words. The Bachelors and Doctoral level will result in close to 4,000 hours of study which is what most medical schools cover.
Clinical Practicuum

Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine students will have an opportunity to study with Dr. Georgiou at the Da Vinci Holistic Health Centre and will be able to get hands-on training in all aspects of the holistic healing arts. This will be the students opportunity to see the application of everything they have learned on real patients with real diseases.

There is also the flexibility of studying in other Holistic Centers closer to home, but these must be assessed by the College before being certified to accept students.

Take this opportunity for the low fees for Ghanaians compared to what the main college charges in Cyprus and Start your enrolment now at the College’s affiliate in Ghana by calling Dr. Nyarkotey on 0541090045 or pick a form at Dodowa Akoto House, Dangme News Office.

Dr. Nyarkotey Alternative Medical College

We say excellence in Training Alternative Medical Doctors.

Limited spaces available for this pilot project.

Call the admission office now - 0541090045.

Worry no more!

Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu is a Research Professor of Prostate Cancer and Holistic Medicine –faculty lead- Holistic Urology, Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, Larnaca City, Cyprus. He is the National President of the Alternative Medical Association of Ghana (AMAG). A registered alternative Medical practitioner with specialty in orthomolecular oncology, Prostate Cancer Policy maker and researcher. He can be reached on 0541090045. E mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.