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Need To Remain Security Conscious At All Times

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If we are unable to do this, then we have all failed in ensuring that security is upheld to its required and logical conclusion.

 In a comprehensive sense, meaningful security in a country implies the assurance that any person or a group of people, including foreigners, found in any part of a country can have a peace of mind that they deserve to co-exist with one another and contribute their quota to the country’s socio-economic development. In this connection, it is essential for all residents in the country to view security matters within the context of the level of care a nation gives to them rather than over-blowing any one-off or a few incidents out of proportion to exaggerate the reality of the situation. When the report about the three, now four, missing girls in Takoradi came out, painful as it was and it is now, it was politicised to create the impression that the security apparatus in the country was not working as expected.

However, this cannot be said to be the case in view of the fact that the security agencies carry out effective operations in different parts of the country to ensure the safety of all residents. Day in day out, kidnapping of persons takes place in various parts of the world. In certain circumstances, some assailants use guns, machetes and other weapons to instantly murder school children and other people. This makes it difficult for anyone in any part of the world to feel secure to go about his/her duties. The implication here is that the world today is gradually becoming unsafe for everyone since any person can be attacked and murdered without provocation.

For this reason, people anywhere in the world must always be security conscious. If people internalise security consciousness, prospective assailants will not be able to carry out their diabolic agenda by attacking them and in some cases, demand ransom for their illicit activities. The time has come for everyone to know that the police and other security agencies are there to protect citizens and that they are doing their best for the attainment of this purpose. The security agencies are expected to work harder to improve security conditions in the country, but while this is being demanded from them, every individual or group of people must also contribute their quota to address this challenge since any blame game in such matters will rather end up compounding the problem.

Security matters are meant to be effectively addressed but not to cause needless commotion in society and thereby create unnecessary tension, rancour, acrimony and avoidable erosion of public confidence in the police. This is not to say that the police or security agencies cannot be criticised. The point being made is that we need to ask ourselves whether we also played the role expected of us by giving out relevant information to the police concerning suspicious characters in our communities or been careful ourselves with our security and safety.

If we are unable to do this, then we have all failed in ensuring that security is upheld to its required and logical conclusion. We need to equip the police and other security agencies to play the role expected of them. In doing this, however, we also need to volunteer relevant information to our security personnel on regular basis. Above all, every individual must be security conscious but not to take things for granted at any point in time. This is the way forward as far as guaranteed security is concerned.



Source: gbcghanaonline.com


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