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It is a terrible thing to write off a human being as incapable of progress. It is an even more terrible thing to write off an institution, or a country, or a people as incapable. To do so, ...

The only thing that is more terrible than writing off a human being, or a people, is assuming that some brains have an advantage over others.

The brain is made up of up to a 100 billion neurons. A neuron is a nerve cell, dedicated to one thing only: processing electric signal and delivering it to another. Each neuron has multiple inputs, and a single output. It is a recurring theme in the nervous system, that it does not matter how many inputs there are, there is usually a single output. Sometimes a single neuron may have hundreds of thousands of inputs, microscopic tendrils of nanometric dimensions gathering signal from hundreds of thousands of other nerve cells, and handing the processed information to one nerve cell in networks that are complex beyond imagination.

The worrying thing about working in Ghana is lack of thought given to systemic process. The whole point of keeping intellect is generating an environment and a system that makes it possible...

Death Certificate

When my father died, I had to go back to the hospital to collect a certificate indicating the cause of death. It is a single sheet with a lot of power. On losing a relative, it is the single sheet that enables everything to do with the next stage of bidding farewell. Without it, the body cannot be moved from the mortuary, cannot be embalmed, cannot be buried, legally.

There is a finality that it has, at least on earth, on this side of heaven. A certain abruptness that hits hard, no matter how old the person is. No matter how many times it seemed like he was going, and yet survived.

To Daddy

One week after Father’s day, on Sunday morning, I lost my Dad. I got in in time to see him alive. Just in time. But it was like arriving at 11.01 for the 10.59 train. Seeing it pulling away, and standing powerlessly. Seeing all the glory of an express train, with no possibility of touching it, being on it, experiencing it.

I know enough about the defeats I have had, to understand the influence of guidance. It is a tragedy to be fatherless. It is that fatal mix of directionless existence that cements underachievement. Look at any life that has no substance, and somewhere hidden in the entrails of untouched dreams, is the lack of guidance, encouragement and vision.

In life there are journeys to be traveled so life is better for posterity. Journeys that are long and arduous. Long enough to get lost in. And it is the fathers in my life who have given direction.

On father’s day, my Dad was unwell. I am far away from home and praying. These are not good times to be ill in my country. I am sure this has been a day for him to think about his children. I have been thinking about mine. I am separated from my kids too. Along a journey that has gifted me with good fathers at every step.

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