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Coming from an environment still reeling from the effects of communal dissipation, leadership deflation and duty relegation, I have experienced life that a lot of people here have not seen.

On Community

I find myself in the UK at a time of change. It is an experience that gives me again another chance at perspective. Around me I see what dedication to community, and public exhortation of communal responsibility does.

There has to be another narrative. There have to be new stories about centres of excellence springing up all over Ghana, funded by people who want to see health care change.

On Philanthropy

No important project has ever survived only on freebies. Deep in the psychology of any project that fails is that lack of commitment. The inability to put skin in the game. And these are the thoughts that pass through my mind as I go for a fundraiser for a project that I really care about. It is striking to me, how much more giving there is to health, outside Ghana than inside it.

But what if they did not? What if development was just based on humanity? What if development was based on the capacity to care, to love, to reach out in honest commitment to make life better for another human being.

Home Thoughts. Image credit - VideoHive

I have recently gone back home. To Tel Aviv. It is one of the ironies of life, that going for a conference of pediatric neurosurgeons in Israel, was like going home. Life has mountains, valleys and plains. Sometimes one gets the chance to fly to a peak quickly enough to take in a perspective of the past, and snippets of the future. Tel Aviv was a chance like that for me last week.

It is a terrible thing to write off a human being as incapable of progress. It is an even more terrible thing to write off an institution, or a country, or a people as incapable. To do so, ...

The only thing that is more terrible than writing off a human being, or a people, is assuming that some brains have an advantage over others.

The brain is made up of up to a 100 billion neurons. A neuron is a nerve cell, dedicated to one thing only: processing electric signal and delivering it to another. Each neuron has multiple inputs, and a single output. It is a recurring theme in the nervous system, that it does not matter how many inputs there are, there is usually a single output. Sometimes a single neuron may have hundreds of thousands of inputs, microscopic tendrils of nanometric dimensions gathering signal from hundreds of thousands of other nerve cells, and handing the processed information to one nerve cell in networks that are complex beyond imagination.

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