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What more whittling away of our human psyche will we accept?

On Questions

I was passing by those ambulances on a daily basis. Lined up in neat rows on the parking lots of power. The controversy swirled around them. The need beckoned. The death data swelled. And still they sat, waiting for the word to be given. The dust accumulated. The rust must have started already, the salt breeze wafting off the coast just miles away.

And if that is where it ends, then maybe the glitz was for nothing. Maybe the light that is shining again at the door of no return ...

Two African American guests visiting the Cape Coast Castle as part of the ‘year of return’ celebrations stare into the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean where many were carted off into slavery in America and the new world.

The Christmas decorations still hang around. It was nice while it lasted. Now it’s time to move on. Baubles and blinking have become flickering indicators of a society which takes its time, with everything.

It’s been a busy Christmas in the hospital. As traffic built up on roads, even more Okadas have been let loose on unsuspecting pedestrians. They whiz around like missiles on the road, ...

On Christmas. Image credit - Redbubble

It has been a memorable Christmas. Hot. And now the harmattan rears its head, like a forgotten belated guest. Suddenly I am reminded of how Christmas was supposed to feel like, with its special morning chill, dry lips, ‘white’ faces, clothes quickly drying on the line. I am not sure how long this will last. The weather has a mind of its own these days. After all, it was raining in November… flooding, even.

So I will not talk about how all the doctor’s accommodation around my hospital has been taken over by politicians, political businesses and non medical staff. I can only talk about what has happened in the last two weeks.

Dr Teddy Totimeh (L) with Dr. Sandvik

When I left the operating theater at 3am that Friday, I was double-minded. I was not sure I should be going home. I wanted to stay at the hospital, sleep and then get home in the morning. But I really wanted to be somewhere else Saturday morning. I thought it would be helpful to get some sleep in my own bed for a few hours before setting out.

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