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Tears shouldn’t be the easiest way to have clean water,

Water for Togo

Togo’s leaders sit on thrones

Made of gold and bones

The dry, dehydrated bones of the people,

These cows, and many of their other four-legged brethren, not to mention those of the two-legged and winged varieties, can be an eyesore in certain parts of the city. Together, they take care of their private business in full glare of the public, and without fail, fail to clean up after themselves. As for their owners, the less said about their interest in cleaning the public mess, the better.

Several cows caught crossing the street around the Achimota Overhead area with flagrant disregard for traffic rules. Photo credit: On the road with Amigo.

As someone who dabbled in animal husbandry during his youthful days on a homestead within the city limits of Accra many years ago, and rose to the ranks of a Johnny-do-it-all General Manager, I was really taken aback by a news item from the renowned Associated Press (AP), about lawmakers in one of the States of our own spirited friend, Number Forty-Five, who currently occupies the WH, weighing a trespassing bill against chicken owners in the state of New Hampshire.

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