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Personally, I don’t engage in the rushed entry business as it is disrespectful in my opinion. How do you relate to a colleague once you conclude that their shit smells bad? Interestingly, ...

My Beef With The ‘John’ At Work. Image credit - American standard

I have for a while now come to the somber realization and conclusion that there are quite a few number of people whose behavior around the workplace John need to be readjusted. Either that, or they just have olfactory bearings in serious need of realignment.

A pregnant woman, who was shot in the stomach by another woman, was recently charged with manslaughter in the death of her unborn baby.

Marshae Jones - Alabama Woman Indicted for Death of Her Fetus. Booking image released by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

The state of Alabama has always been somewhat radical. They threw themselves headlong into slavery, and after it was abolished, Alabama championed segregation. The state, and still is, known for unsteady race relations, and from its illustrious history, it’s clear that Alabama is also right-leaning in its tendencies.

Worse still is that this is not America’s first tryst with sullied drinking water. In April 2014, the Flint, Michigan water crisis ...

Bottled Water Scare - How Can You Know What’s Safe?

In recent news all over the United States, it has been discovered that certain brands of bottled water contain arsenic, a substance that can be deadly in humans. These brands are Starkey Water and Penafiel. According to news reports they were sold at Target, Wal Mart and Whole Foods.

I have no idea what went on inside during the ceremony but the smiles and joy on the faces of parents, ... was enough to signal joy and success of a fortune well-spent at this solely private Catholic girls school.. to provide their daughters an education many of them never had, ...

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Image credit - Atlas Obscura

After frustratingly searching for my phone for several minutes to take a picture of people dumping trash in front of a mail box, I finally came to the realization that I was having a dream, something that I rarely have. This was three Thursdays ago.

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