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A ‘No’ vote will prevent political parties from hijacking elections at the district level.


It has taken me weeks to understand what is expected of me in the polling booth on December 17.
Now that I understand it, my mind is made up.

If the VIP is scheduled to arrive at 10a.m., the schoolchildren are lined up by 8a.m. and that means even if by some miracle, the visitor is on time and arrives at 10 a.m.,...

File image – In this undated image, students of Bolgatanga Girls SHS line up to greet President Nana Akufo-Addo during a visit to Bolga.

One of the things I hated as a schoolchild was to be lined up by the roadside to wave at a visiting important personality; often a minister of state and very rarely, the Head of State of the country.

What our leaders did not take into account 44 years ago was that element of human nature called “self-preservation”. Defined as the first law of nature, it is ...

Can't Blame Nigeria!

In August this year, Nigeria shut its borders with all its neighbours, Republic of Benin, Niger and Cameroun. This is not the first time an African country is closing its borders to their neighbours.

According to the statistics from the Customs Department, some 656,232 tonnes of the stuff, worth $331.2 million, were imported into the country in 2017. I have ...

The author, Elizabeth Ohene

Food has been on my mind. That is not saying very much, I admit, for food must necessarily almost always be on your mind. There is no other activity that takes up so much of our time, energy, resources and passion as food.
Once upon a time, you could tell immediately where in the country you were and who you were dealing with, judging from the food that was on offer around you.

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