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atThe story about my friend the First Lady is repeated in differing forms. Another friend of mine was called to a family meeting six months into her appointment as a Minister of Ste and presented with ...

Maybe we want them to steal - Elizabeth Ohene writes...

I tell a story about a friend of mine who became a First Lady. I am not sure I should mention her name, so, let’s say she was a First Lady in an African country. A week after the inauguration ceremony at which she became First Lady, she went to her village to have a meeting with the group of women she had been helping for much of her life.

In whichever direction you want to spin Chairman Ofosu Ampofo’s ‘No Contribution No Chop’ declaration, I am convinced that for once, a Ghanaian political party has been forthright with the people.

The Ghanaian big man

One of the reasons cited for the entrenchment of corruption in Ghana has been that “they-who-pay-the piper”, that is party bankrollers, must be facilitated to recoup their investment before the end of four years.

I suppose the first difficulty is, can those in the diasporas mark or celebrate something here without the full participation of those of us here?

Elizabeth Ohene - The writer

I stopped worrying long ago about whether you can celebrate the anniversary of an unpleasant event or not. I no longer even agonise about whether I mark or celebrate an anniversary. Everything becomes a celebration in the end.

I think there were 15 or so of us reading my Honours degree course in my year, these days there are more than a thousand students in one class.

We don’t read, that’s the problem

I suspect I have to declare an interest.

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