Sun, May

At the moment, our roads do not feel like there is any rule of law in this country.

The police have a responsibility to enforce the law and that includes motorbike riders as well.

I have it on good authority that the biggest number of people arriving at Accident and Emergency departments in all hospitals and clinics in the country are motorbike riders and those they have been in contact with.

The latest was when I read from citinewsroom that: “Eighty-six vehicles purchased by the Rawlings administration remain unused after nearly 20 years.

Have we had governments?

I will begin this week with the question I posed in my last paragraph last week: Can we seriously conclude, looking at ourselves, so far, that the Black man is capable of solving his own problems?

The current cases of kidnapping and their handling by our police would seem to suggest the police is not worth trusting to ensure a safe society for us.

Our police and us in an era of kidnapping

My devoted readers would know that I believe in law and order and been a champion and defender of police causes.

It was never clear the identity of the person who had the permit but suddenly lots of trucks started going into and emerging from the Reserve loaded with Rosewood.

Rosewood in the Kalakpa Reserve of Abutia in the Volta Region

I am glad to hear that the Forestry Commission says we are not losing the forest cover in our country at the rate a recent report claimed.

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