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Three weeks after he got to West Germany, word reached the embassy here in Accra that the young man had applied for political asylum. Needless to say ...

Travels with Ghana passport - Elizabeth Ohene writes. Image credit - JB Klutse

I read that the Ghanaian passport is ranked 78th by something called the 2020 Henley Passport Index. According to this index, our passport provides visa-free/visa on arrival access to 65 destinations, while we need visas to get to 161 destinations.

Truth is, people don’t just care about Ghana; for almost every elected or appointed Ghanaian official, the motto is: “Me, my tribe and my party.”

Hunt for corrupt official 1: Let not noise drown the truth

Ghanaians woke up this week to news that transactions leading to our purchase of three military aircraft between 2009 and 2015 were tainted with corruption.

It is important that the EC, like the Judiciary, must be independent.

Jean Mensah, EC Chairperson

As I wrote last week, I am not against a replacement of the register; if it is not changed today, it would eventually have to be changed, anyway, after the December elections.

et, long before the American Senate began a process to formalise the President’s acquittal, the Republican majority seemed to have made up their minds and “nobody can confuse us with the truth”.

President Donald Trump

Who has, since September 2019, been in any doubt about the final outcome of what William Shakespeare would have described in 1599 as Much Ado About?

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