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There will never be enough money made for galamsey to cover the cost of providing safe water to the whole community when the water body and the rivers have been destroyed.

Elizabeth Ohene writes... Choice between me and us

When your personal interest happens to coincide with the general interests of the community, it is very easy to do the right thing.

My hunch is that somebody has ‘chopped’ money belonging to the people of Ghana and we are not likely to get it back, nor is it likely that anybody is going to suffer punishment.

I have never been so bashed by so many over one article. Last week, Daily Graphic readers descended on me via e-mail in a cacophonous chorus for accusing Wikipedia of publishing a cartoon depicting Satan (evil) as black-skinned and heaven and angels populated by Caucasians.

I pointed out to her that when the BBC paid me, they had no interest in where I lived, be it rent or mortgage would be my problem and not theirs. The same goes for my electricity, water, gas and other bills and they expect me to be at work at ...

How Much Are We Paid?

I hesitate about joining in discussions on finance and monetary issues because I know my limitations. When the conversation turns to quantitative easing, my voice goes down and I leave it to those who know about these things.

News is on sale. Image credit - newsghana

I note that advertising is in the news. The dreadful event at Kasoa, in which two teenage boys reportedly murdered an 11-year-old boy, is being blamed on the unrestrained advertising on our television channels by fetish priests and occultists which are influencing innocent minds.

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