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The Gyaman Kingdom in the 18th Century came to lie between two powerful emergent empires, the Kong (created by the storied Ouattaras, believed to be scions of the even more glorious, by then defunct, Malian Empire) and the Asante.

Is ‘execution’ really everything?

f you visited Wikipedia right this moment and pulled up the article on ‘Adinkra’, you would be told that the Adinkra motifs were originally invented by the Asante.

In the last 3 months, about 120 lecturers have been recruited to augment the shortfall, which the interdicted VC appeared unconcerned with. The lecturer to student ratio, has improved dramatically.

The Grace To Grass Interdicted Vice Chancellor (VC) Of The University Of Education, Winneba (UEW), Now A 'Student Activist'

The legally interdicted VC of UEW, after having exhausted a plethora of avenues, both overground and underground, with the misplaced hope of being restored to his previous position as VC of UEW, has of late, turned into a 'student activist'. It is good for mother Ghana that some public officials who hitherto had disrespected, disregarded, lampooned and lambasted students, have all of a sudden, made a 'Machiavellian' U-turn to satanically court the support of some innocent students to organise demonstrations in the name of some grievances which he the interdicted VC himself failed woefully to address during his tenure as VC of UEW.

Equalisation is the death knell of ingenuity, the end of the promise of positive change and a real danger to our political stability overall. It even spells the end of ideological differentiation, leading to the helpless wail of the citizens that all politicians are the same.

Minister of Defense - Hon. Dominc Aduna Bingab Nitiwul.

Written by Colin Essamuah - ‘’Something is pardonable when one government is in power but when another is in power unpardonable, things that the media would have been so loud under my administration, it happens every day and it’s like its business as usual. That is the hypocrisy of our civil society and religious and traditional leaders, everybody is quiet, suddenly some say they don’t watch TV anymore and that they watch animals. In our time, they were not watching animals, they were watching political discussions. You are now tired of too much politics……you’ll be tired because your darling government is super incompetent and so you are tired of hearing the analysis, that’s the hypocrisy we face in our country. So let us not buy into their propaganda.’’ - Former President John Mahama.

Even if the RTI Bill has wended its way from Cabinet to the House, consider the following. The Speaker will be required to acknowledge receipt and per the Standing Orders, refer the Bill to the relevant Committee. Members of the Committee and the House will have to be provided copies.

Obviously - Nana Yaa Ofori Atta

Never mind what the Electoral Commission's register says, in the 25 years since Ghana returned to democracy, the only real political parties we have in Ghana are the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC). Obviously.

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