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How can we wash off responsibility when we have our own Pyram and related scams which took place right here in the 1990s to guide us? And it is no defence to decline necessary action, punitive or not, because they were not taken yesterday.

Constitution Day celebrations and banking posture!

The words of the Governor of the Bank of Ghana (BoG), Dr Ernest Addison, on bank restructuring and the executive moves to get Menzgold boss are really descriptive of happenings since I last appeared here

How many Ghanaian students know that in the Yaa Asantewaa war, the famous Queen of Ejisu and her troops laid siege on the Kumasi fort and kept the British in there for one whole year?

First Ghanaian signature on the Cedi

Late in December 2018, I positioned myself in front of the Bank of Ghana (BoG), Accra and did a survey.

With roughly $2 billion assets under management, and annual growth exceeding 15% over the last three years, the private pensions industry as a whole in Ghana looks rather muscly.

Should pension funds carry cross of Ghana’s local banks? - Bright Simons

The approach of the Ghanaian government and its regulators to “managing” struggling banks in Ghana has evolved yet again.

The ongoing UEW disciplinary proceedings against Prof. Avea Nsoh, would most likely end with a non-custodial pronouncement, since UEW has no direct power to prosecute.

As Prof. Avea Nsoh Laces His Shoes To Square Off With Auditor General In Court, Prof. Atuguba Patiently Lurks In The Dark For His Legal Fees

Per the recent pronouncements of the Auditor General, it is apparent that Prof. Avea Nsoh, would require the sub-standard legal services of Prof. Atuguba at the Law Courts of Ghana in order to attempt vainly to save him from a possible jail term.

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