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The King Of Dagbon, His Royal Highness, Yaa Naa Abukari Mahama II. File image

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Dagbon today has adopted a new posture and dimension, the purpose of which is to promote unity among its citizens and ensure that nothing but development comes to the people.

The celebration of the Damba festival attracted a varied range of personalities from all walks of life, including the President of the Republic, Prime Minister of Barbados, government officials, parliamentarians as well as foreign visitors. It was characterised by pomp and pageantry, showing its importance and beauty to everyone.

The theme chosen by the King and elders of Dagbon was: A New Dagbon-Peace and Unity for Development.

This theme is significant because without peace and unity, nothing much can be achieved. If the country is to promote development in all areas then we need to have peace in every part so as to push forward the agenda of socio-economic development in order to improve upon the welfare of the people.

As was pointed out by President Akufo-Addo, now that there is peace in the area the government will do its best to promote massive development there. This development will include the construction of roads, schools and water projects, among others.

It is true that the peace in Dagbon did not come by chance but through the strenuous efforts of prominent citizens, including former President Kuffour, current President Nana Akufo-Addo and his government, the committee of eminent chiefs as well as the leaders and elders of the Dagbon Kingdom, among others.

Dagbon today has adopted a new posture and dimension, the purpose of which is to promote unity among its citizens and ensure that nothing but development comes to the people. The peace in Dagbon today ought to be jealously guarded so that it will not be derailed by anyone or group of people whose agenda is to destroy the beautiful kingdom. Things should not be taken for granted. Every effort should be made to closely monitor the peace being enjoyed today to prevent any eventualities. If this is done, the sky will be the limit as far as peace and development in the Dagbon Kingdom are concerned.

Ghana is a beautiful country that seeks to promote peace in every part, so all efforts will have to be geared towards ensuring growth and development for everyone. Growth is what is needed at this time in our history so we must all make it a point to promote this positive agenda.

The festival is an occasion for people to dress beautifully. The males dress in colourful, hand-woven smocks that are designed for dancing while women wear traditional hand-woven cloth and expensive jewellery. It is also an occasion for feasting, exchanging gifts, shooting of musketry and display of warrior dance and war exploits or mimicry of war motifs. It also serves as training grounds for the youth and eventual display of bravery and splendour. The event marks a beautiful occasion that cannot be easily forgotten.

Furthermore, the occasion shows a display of horsemanship skills while people celebrate the significance of chieftaincy. Indeed, chiefs show themselves to the people in beautiful regalia through solemn processions and people troop into the festival grounds or palaces to shower praises, show respect, dance, entertain, show sympathies, love and also show off their fine artistic skills while listening to oral history as praise singers sing to the paramount chiefs or king and subjects.

The king, elders and people of Dagbon ought to be highly commended for the celebration of the Damba festival in such a grand style and making the whole country proud. Long live Dagbon, long live Ghana.



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