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Kwesi Appiah’s confidence must translate into results

Ghana’s failure to qualify for next year’s African Nations Championship (CHAN) for the second time running presents very challenging times for the Ghana Football Association and national coach Kwasi Appiah who failed in his first major test. While some want to deal leniently with Appiah because he spent barely a little over two months to prepare the team, the buck still stops at his doorstep as the head coach as he would have milked the plaudits if the Black Stars B had made it to Kenya 2018.

Vigilante Groups In Politics – Rule of Law Must Prevail

Ghana has been touted by many as one of the most peaceful and exemplary countries in Africa due to her ability to rely on the ballot box for political leadership and peace in the wake of civil unrest that has plagued several of her neighbors in the past.

Vigilante, frontier or street justice, which is extrajudicial punishment largely motivated by the nonexistence of law and order or a dissatisfaction with existing laws or a lack of fear for the existing structure for justice seems to be perhaps on the ascendancy in certain parts of the country.

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