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Astronaut Dreams

Here And There
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  • And who am I To belittle a little child’s dream When life makes so much possible And places no limits On achievement,..

 My son asked me to pray for him
To be an astronaut when he grows up
He talks about it all the time
So I stop myself thinking all the time
That he is too far away from where
The astronauts come from
To become one

And I pray for him and trust
That God who made the astronauts
And made him
Will nurture his dream
And answer my prayer
And take my son to heights
I could never reach

I have walked the land
Some astronauts come from
I have also walked a giant room
Where extremes of flight are displayed
In one corner the structure the Wright brothers
Flew over a Virginia farm field
And in the other, a retired space shuttle
Scarred by wrangles with outer space

And who am I
To belittle a little child’s dream
When life makes so much possible
And places no limits
On achievement, and reward
And offers itself as a limitless canvas
On which the paintings of dreams
Embody, impact, enliven

Guion Stewart Bluford

Guion Stewart Bluford Jr., Ph.D. (born November 22, 1942), (Col, USAF, Ret.), is an American aerospace engineer, retired U.S. Air Force officer and fighter pilot, and former NASA astronaut, who was the first African American in space.



Who am I to tell him
That the people in the land
The astronauts come from
Might not accept him
When he reveals his dream
Because they think they know where he comes from
They think they know how barren his birthplace is
A land with people, of colour, and nothing else

I have bought him a miniature shuttle
I’ll watch and smile
As he flies on our balcony
With his brother
And stop myself from thinking he is too far away
From the land the astronauts came from
And dream of the time
When I will stand at the launch pad
And see him blast off to heights

Heights I could never reach

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