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Vigilante, frontier or street justice, which is extrajudicial punishment largely motivated by the nonexistence of law and order or a dissatisfaction with existing laws or a lack of fear for the existing structure for justice seems to be perhaps on the ascendancy in certain parts of the country.

Dangme News

All too soon, the day of reckoning is with us. The entire nation will go to the polls to choose a president and parliamentarians on December 7, 2016.

Throughout the year, Dangme news has been educating and informing its teeming readers on the lapses and positive portions of the place occupied by Dangmes – Kpone to Ada by the coast, curving northwards through the Krobo lands down to Shai – osudoku where this publication originates.

That successive government has made optimum use of the human and material resources of these places called Dangme lands is an understatement.

Indeed, there is no place for workers, judiciary, medicine, universities, agriculture, health and media that the Dangmes have not been prominent. So governments tap from these talents.

But when it comes to the gains from these resources, the balance sheet is lopsided towards the opposite ends. If these mentioned areas are to benefit from any largesse, then it should be through the people who represent them at the highest levels – parliament.

So, therefore, herein lies the opportunity to vote the best brains, best mannered persons into office to champion the development of these underprivileged mass of people called Dangmes.

We of the Dangme news send a strong appeal to all eligible voters to come out and vote for the person and president they deem best to steer their plight.

Vote wisely now and do not be sorry latter! A word to the wise is enough.


An Editorial by Dangme News

Source: Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu