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But apart from pursuing his dreams in education, is Jack Ma in fact seeking a bigger role that Alibaba can play in Africa’s booming digital economy? Yes and no.

Why is Jack Ma incubating entrepreneurs in Africa?

Written By Ding Heng - Ten African entrepreneurs recently took home a total of US$1 million after they won a contest featuring a reality TV show named “Africa's Business Heroes”.

Women make up over 40% of African business owners yet only 2% are able to access finance according to a Mckinsey report.

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Written By Vanessa Moungar - If you are a gender champion, then you are familiar with the discussions around the glass cliff. The story of women eager to defy the odds, accepting leadership roles at times of crisis, when the chance of failure is the highest. The truth is that many bold glass cliff climbers have succeeded without falling off.

In his rather unique and authentic style, he pitched the voice of Adisadel high and ...

Mr. William Kusi Yeboah, affectionately known as KUZAY.

The love of Santaclausians (Old Boys of Adisadel College) for their alma mater is well known in Ghana and beyond! There is a strong sense of solidarity and belonging within the fraternity.

... people with diabetes have a greater rate of decline in cognitive function and a greater risk of cognitive decline. Cognitive dysfunction should therefore be added to ...

Diabetes And Dementia. Image credit - newswires

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) standards of medical care is a document I refer to from time to time. The document covers so many areas in diabetes care. Going through the document gives you the far-reaching consequences of diabetes.