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Ghana, for now, may not have even a fraction of China’s US$ 60 billion for another international airport, especially when it does not seem that the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) is bursting at its seems except for the weekends when there is a lot of traffic.

A glimpse of the airport when completed

Written by Edmund Smith-Asante - A 400 billion RMB (US$60.68 billion) new international airport covering an area of 45 kilometres squared (km2) is currently under construction in China and scheduled to be fully completed by July 2019.

You cannot claim to believe in democracy unless you have faith in the people, faith in their inherent goodness, faith in their capacity to make the right decisions, given the right information. It is this faith in the people that has shaped my entire political career, and it is this faith that propels me to lead an open and transparent government.

Full Text: President Akufo-Addo’s Address to the Nation on the “Us-Ghana Military Co-Operation Agreement”

Fellow Ghanaians, I have come into your homes this evening to talk about a matter that has generated a lot of heat in our country these past days.

While they may not hold classic theological qualifications, many pastors attract followers by speaking of miraculous healings from illnesses and lethal infections such as Hepatitis and HIV. One of them is Nigel Gaisie,..

Inside the dark, opulent world of Ghana’s churches. Prophets & profits

In Ghana, the Evangelical, Pentecostal and Charismatic churches are seeing an unprecedented growth in popularity, promising their followers wealth, health and new worlds of opportunity. But, as photojournalist Tomaso Clavarino discovers, things might not be so simple.

Liberia, on Africa's west coast, was established as a home for freed slaves returning to the continent, escaping from unthinkable misery in the United States.

Liberia - the country where citizenship depends on your skin colour

Tony Hage has lived in Liberia for more than 50 years. It is where he went to university. Where he met his wife. Where he set up his successful business.