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The main Contractor undertaking the exploration works in the basin, Swiss African Oil Company however termed the project as “good and holy” and has the potential of transforming the local economy if oil is discovered in commercial quantities. Minimum expenditure for the initial three years exploration period is about forty-eight million dollars.


Written By Dominic Hlordzi - According to the advanced English Dictionary one of the definitions of EVIL is “that which causes harm or destruction or misfortune” This is what some residents of Keta, Anloga and neighboring towns and villages in the Volta Region of Ghana feared will befall their area if Petroleum exploration and possible production are undertaken in the Keta Basin.

The campaign of the NPP concentrated mostly in the Northern Territories (which is now Northern, Upper East and West Regions). Whilst GNP and GAP concentrated all their attention in Accra. MAP targeted Accra and all the Zongos in the Municipal areas of the country.

As I have explained earlier, 8 political parties: Convention Peoples Party (CPP) led by Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Northern Peoples Party (NPP) led by Duori Naa, Simon Diedong Dombo, Ghana Congress Party (GCP) led by Dr Kofi Abrefa Busia, Ghana National Party (GCP) led by Emmanuel Odarquaye Obetsebi Lamptey, Ghana Action Party (GAP) led by Dr Ansah Koi, Togoland Congress Party (TCP) led by S. G. Antor, Anlo Youth Association (AYA) led by Modesto K. Apaloo and the Muslim Association Party (MAP) led by Kweku Bankole Awoonor-Renner (Mustapha Renner) contested the 1954 elections.

The 1954 elections was a product of Justice William Bedford Van Lare Commission which recommended a new constitution for the country. The Van Lare Commission recommended that the new legislative elections should be scheduled for the 10th and 15th of June 1954.

The period from 1951-1954 was ruled by the CPP majority in the Legislative Assembly, with Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah as the Prime Minister. The period also saw some bye-elections. For instance, in 1953 Fori Dwumah, the CPP member for Kumasi East resigned his position to further his education in England and his seat was won by the CPP. At Cape Coast, the sudden death of the CPP firebrand politician and Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for Cape Coast, Kwesi Plange in 1953 also led to one of the most fierce political contest in Ghana`s political history.

Calls on Corporate Organisations, Individuals to do More to Prevent Environmental Pollution

World Environment Day: How Nigeria can Lead Africa, Rest of the World in Beating Plastic Pollution - VP Osinbajo - Image credit - planeta

"Its is my view that for controlling the proliferation of plastic sachets, we must go back to the major producers of fast moving goods, to put in place recycling programs that could effectively ensure that while we seek environmentally friendly options for packaging, we are keeping the environment as free of plastics as possible.