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Ordinarily, I would have let this slip by but how can a ‘citizen not a spectator’ look on unconcerned as human lives are to be experimented on, when a stupendous amount of US$ 12 million is to be spent when the justification being adduced is crooked?

Deliver us from drones that can drown Ghanaians - Dr. Omane Boamah

Written By Dr Edward Omane Boamah - In mid 2008, I was on night duty at the 37 Military Hospital, a United Nations Level IV Facility. I was called in the dead of night to the Anoff Ward to attend to a very young male patient who was at the point of death.

Despite the anointing that the international community continues to give to the last dictatorship of West Africa, the Togolese volcano is reeling again, threatening to erupt.

Demonstration of civil society, November 3, in Lomé, Togo © Thomas Dietrich

Written By Thomas Dietrich - In appearance, in Lomé, everything is calm. On the beach, sand-spotted teenagers pull up fishing nets, heavy as mountains. Taxis-motorcycles, zemidjan, "z" as they are called here, farting and spinning, a customer on the rail, sometimes a chicken, often both at once. Advertising billboards are everywhere. Here an advertisement for a private university that promises tuition fees "from 0 CFA franc", there another one of a self proclaimed prophet, signet ring and gold curb, who announces that "the fire will soon come down on the ground", here again the poster of a Chinese restaurant, with its "soushis" looking like stale cakes.

The name Gbawe is a corruption and shortening of the term “gbalɔi”, which means soothsayer (someone who can see the future and foretell it).

The History and Formation of Gbawe

Gbawe is a town in the Greater Accra Region of southeastern Ghana near the capital Accra. Gbawe is the twenty-third largest settlement in Ghana, in terms of population, with a population of 74,403 people. Gbawe is located a few kilometres west of Accra in the Ga South Municipal Assembly.

CYST continues to evolve in its scope and relevance. It has designed an artificial intelligence engine they call ALICE - Artificial Learning Intelligent Cognitive Engine.

Kofi Genfi(left) and Osae Dade

Nii Osae-Dade fell in love with computers at an early age.