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Even though life begins at forty, his influence in Ghana’s music cannot be exaggerated and thanks to Boongie Man for holding on to the perpetual flame of Terry Bonchaka's, the god made from breast milk, legacy.

Terry Bonchaka: A god made from breast milk. Image credit - mordernghana

In my quest to immortalize some Ghanaian musicians who made my childhood a joy to behold and a fun to be a part of, I cannot do it without a demigod ‘a god made from breast milk', Terrence Nii Okang Mensah Adjetey Terry Bonchaka. I knew he was made for the stars when he got my father dancing his "Pulele" dance and also enjoying his tunes. Terry Bonchaka remains my father’s all time favorite musician though he heeded to the call of his ancestors some eighteen years ago.

Though some of these songs are more than two decades old they are still relevant in many national discourse. Songs like Adwoa y3 me yere Yaa y3 me mpena, touched on the issue of extra marital affairs, ...

Okomfo Kwadee; A phenomenal rap story teller and a legend

I was surprised the first time I heard that Okomfo Kwadee was called Jerry Anaba, because I never had the slightest doubt that he was an Akan, but when I got to know he was a Northerner I was like, oh wow! I got this shock because of Okomfo's mastery and command over the Twi language and Folklore. Okomfo Kwadee's style of story rapping, a craft he really perfected had both old and young people falling for him; undisputedly he is one of the many faces of Ghana’s rap music in an era where rap was not really accepted in our society and his style to an extent helped cement rap music in our society.

The lack of commitment by our leaders to offer continuous and intentional development for us, Ghanaians, continue to hamper our progress and it is not getting any better.

An illustration showing NASA's Perseverance rover firing up its descent stage engines as it nears Mars' surface. NASA

It was refreshing to watch the successful landing of Perseverance on the red planet, Mars. Seemed like an NFL moment where all of mankind was waiting just for that touchdown to win the Super Bowl. I guess that explains the exhilarating euphoria in NASA offices.

The pangolin may not be in your diet or on your mind today, however, like every natural creature, it is part of the ecosystem, which sustains humankind.

Pangolins need stricter protection in Ghana

A Pangolin is not an animal that many Ghanaians think about. But not so for the ultra-rich who relish its meat, and those who depend on its curative and spiritual abilities to thrive - in health or in business.