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Understanding the Art of Libation Pouring in Ga culture!

As the Gamɛi (Ga people) of Ga Mashie celebrate their Homowo festival, one of the constant spiritual scenes are the pouring of libation. These scenes re-echo the idea that libation play an important role in the daily activities of the people. Libation forms the core of Kpele rituals because it is the vehicle through which both the dzemànwọdzi and sisai or nsamantanŋi (ancestral shades) are summoned during prayers and worship, to serve as mediums for the supplications offered to the Ataa Naa Nyongmọ (Supreme Being/God).

The Streets of New York from Above . Photo credit - twistedsitter.com

Written By Kwesi Tawiah-Benjamin - I have no regrets coming back to Ghana after some 12 years abroad, studying to acquire a few advanced degrees and working unthinkable hours to boost the bottom line of supermarkets and factories. I have no regrets doing odd jobs in very cold temperatures while my degrees rotted away in dirty drawers in my bedroom.

Villagers bring two gambling machines out from a hut in Zamashegu, in Ghana's Northern Region. (Noah Fowler / For The Times)

When the machines arrived last winter, the villagers were mesmerized.

In Zamashegu, a farming community of 1,000 people in northern Ghana, they may as well have come from outer space — four electric slot machines installed in two roadside shacks, chirping and clattering, bathing the packed-dirt walls in a pale, kaleidoscopic glow.

Joseph Agyepong Siaw, CEO of Zoomlion

Joseph Agyepong Siaw wanted to become a pilot or a marine engineer, but ended up selling school books on the street. He made his fortune from what everyone else didn’t want – with the help of tricycles from China.