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We woke up to another social media hash tag(#HighScholDiaries) on the experiences people had in their respective High Schools, recounting amazing stories, rib cracking encounters, shocking past life, thresholds and endless descriptive happenings. To whichever school that started this, bravo! It isn’t bad to throw a light, once a while, to the past and connect to the present building of your life. Ebenezer!

Mr Isaac Kwame Asiamah, Minister for Youth and Sports

Written By Nana Ampomah - I am calling for serious stock-taking of what has transpired our sporting front within the 60 years of independence from colonial rule as we celebrate our diamond jubilee on March 6, 2017. The challenges we have are there for all to see, and as such taking stock will bring to the fore the ills bedeviling our sports and that will give us a wake-up call to institute the requisite measures to salvage our sports.

A school environment in Kumasi, Ashanti Region

Written By Anis Haffar - Quality education is a loaded concern. The discipline of teaching, for example, involves a great deal about competent teachers, appropriate subject matter, quality instructional strategies, the relevant teaching and learning materials, and so on. But a key concern was the state of the school environment itself. Are the schools safe enough to protect the child from the dangers of physical injuries, and death - as we witnessed early this year?

File:The River Birim runs through the Akyem Abuakwa state in the Eastern Region of Ghana. (Photo: Heidi Woodman)

Written By Solace A. M. Akomeah - Ghana is a country blessed with numerous fresh water bodies, with the Volta basin, including its tributaries, covering about 70 per cent of the entire country. Complacency or ignorance are, however, making us wish away this enviable blessing.