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  • However, most of the social media activism today is just performative virtue signaling and vapid ‘feel good’ platitudes, which send no real message about the crisis in question. This week the crisis du jour is the one unfolding in Afghanistan.

What is the problem with most social media activism? It's ill-informed, changes nothing and oversimplifies complex issues

Following the chaos in Afghanistan, the hashtag activists of the world kicked into gear. They may genuinely care, but vapid posts about ‘togetherness’ bookended by bikini pics and brunch snaps aren't going to change anything.
Online activism comes in many forms, from symbolic signaling of a position on a crisis or issue, such as changing one’s profile picture, to a more engaged form, such as writing posts about events online.

  • The filth in our cities is the creation of individuals. In our transports, in the market, in the home and even in our offices, we generate waste daily. This is just part of human life. We cannot possibly prevent or avoid generating waste.

Keeping our cities clean: Who is responsible? Image credit - Clean Ghana Club/dailymailgh

Written By Amankwa Benjamin Kwame - The issue of filth in our cities and towns has been of great concern for individuals and professional associations such as the Ghana Health Service.

  • n recent times, Ghana has recorded a high prevalence of teen pregnancies, with the Ashanti Region recording the highest incidence of 16.2 per cent as indicated in a report by the Ghana Health Service.

Implications of teenage pregnancy for mental health

Teenage pregnancies result from consensual or forced sexual intercourse with a female of 19 years old or younger.

  • The experts tell us that this new variant is deadlier and it spreads very fast, then, the public education is inadequate in the light of the Delta strain in our midst.

Too many dramas have and are unfolding around us criss-crossing our lives from Accra to Achimota to Ejura to Wa and to some other communities.