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  • We are on the threshold of a new industrial revolution which will be every bit as pervasive as the other industrial revolutions of the previous centuries and we should be prepared to meet it. We are not alone ...

Quality precision for industry

Written By Anis Haffar - “African made products are fast crossing over into the global mainstream and there is a rising demand for technically skilled labour by employers. For most African economies, including Ghana, inadequate training to equip the youth with modern industrial work-ready skills have become a bane.”

  • Unfortunately, Ghanaians joke that if you want to hide something from a Ghanaian, put it in a book. Reason?

What is your country’s largest export?

Recently, an academic bemoaned the lack of quotes/quotations attributable to Ghanaians in academic discourses.

  • Hence, my question is, when and how shall we evolve for ourselves an archetypal candidate who is capable of leading us away from this pettifog?

The first leader to  take over the mantle, after Nkrumah was  illegally overthrown, was so unhappening that it appeared Ghanaians at the time weren’t ready to live with such an anticlimax in leadership, hence didn’t bother much when the soldiers trooped in again to terminate his term after a rather short stint. Just like the current growing restlessness and impatience of the masses for some bold and audacious efforts by way of leadership, Ghanaians were hungry for a rapid improvement in their dirt poor and severely destitute circumstances after almost a century of colonialism.

  • Omega-3s boost the immune system to fight infections, provide energy for body tissues, prevent inflammations and help develop body cells such as the brain, eye and sperm.

Omega-3 fatty acids: Are health benefits overrated?

Written By Mavis Dery & Frank Ekow Atta Hayford - OMEGA-3 fatty acids (Omega-3s) are essential nutrients found in foods that have been associated with various diseases. However, what is the evidence really saying about the health benefits of omega-3s? Are the health benefits overrated?