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My chocolatier journey began when I came across the word “chocolatier” in a magazine. It piqued my curiosity, ...

This interview was carried out by Golda Addo (GA), in a bid to start celebrating amazing and exemplary Ghanaians breaking boundaries and charting their own paths at home and abroad.

Chocolatier Akua Oheneba Donkor of Decokraft

Chocolatier Akua Oheneba Donkor of Decokraft

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We do not share enough of such stories to celebrate our own, and to encourage the young ones. We do not celebrate our own enough. Tributes are for the living. Let us enjoy them while we still have life. Below, you will meet Akua Obenewaa Donkor (AOD), a young lady who has heavily transformed and impacted the chocolatier industry in Ghana. Here is her story.

Chocolote Shoe

Chocolote Shoe By DecoKraft

GA: Please tell us your name, where you come from, and what you do.

AOD: My name is Akua Obenewaa Donkor. I am the first-born child in a family of 3 siblings - all ladies - and I come from Adjemsu, in the Ashanti Region. I studied BA Communication Design at KNUST, and I am the CEO of DecoKraft.

GO: What led you into the chocolatier industry? How did you end up surviving it, knowing how we used to (and still do) take cocoa and chocolate for granted?

AOK: My chocolatier journey began when I came across the word “chocolatier” in a magazine. It piqued my curiosity, so I researched into it. This in turn triggered an interest in me, so I decided to look for courses online. These courses were expensive and I could not afford them. In my search, I came across probably the only chocolatier in Ghana at that time and wrote to her asking if she could train me. I did not get a reply from her until a year later when she wrote to me informing me about a handmade chocolate course that Cocoa Processing Company was organizing. The journey has been a tough one. Initially, it was difficult for Ghanaians to accept our brand because everyone knew of one popular brand. I believe what has kept me going is my determination to succeed.

Chocolate bouquet
Chocalate Bouquet By DecoKraft

GO: How many years have you been doing this, and what has the journey been like? What are your best and worst memories?

AOK: I have been making chocolates for the past 6 years. My worst experience was when I took an order from a well-known company without a written agreement.  There was miscommunication because it was a phone conversation. I ended up making more than they had requested for and I had to find a way to sell the rest, which was quiet challenging.

My best memories are a lot.  It is mostly when I represent Ghana on International platforms with my chocolate.

Chocalate shoe By Decokraft

Chocalate shoe By Decokraft

GO: Tell us a little bit about your products and services. And what does your normal working day look like – from when you wake up till you go to bed?

AOK: DecoKraft makes premium chocolate from Ghana’s cocoa beans. Most of our products are bespoke. We customize chocolate bars. We also make 3-dimensional chocolate like chocolate shoes, chocolate bouquet, chocolate football etc. One can get our chocolate bars at Wild Gecko, North Dzorwulu.

I work from 8am to 5pm. I have a team that I work with so I usually supervise and do administrative work.

Chocolate Handbag By Decokraft

GO: What, in your opinion, do we need to seriously tackle nationally, to make your work better and more successful?

AOK: I believe Ghanaians should patronize Made in Ghana products more.

GO: What are the gaps and opportunities for collaboration and growth in the chocolate industry (in Ghana first, then West Africa and then the world)?

AOK: The chocolate industry is a huge market. I believe there is untapped potential growth in Ghana and Africa, especially as we do not consume as much chocolate as Europe and the Western world.

In Ghana, the laws concerning purchasing cocoa beans makes it difficult to make chocolate. Also, at times, the raw materials are sold to us at international prices!

Broken Chocalate Bits, Decokraft

Broken Chocalate Bits, Decokraft

GO: How and where can people find you for trainings, internships, purchases, and business interests?

AOK: Our social media handle is “decokraftgh” on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook,

Website: decokraftgh

Phone number: +233 243827724

Facebook Page: DekoKraft

What does the future look like for DecoKraft?

Decokraft plans on making more of our chocolate available across Ghana, Africa, and then Europe in the future.

It was a pleasure talking to Akua Obenewaa Donkor. Do patronise her products and share the word across your networks. Next interview, you will get to hear from an actor and model from Ghana based in the USA. He will share with us how he got to act in the popular movie “Wakanda” and how life is like making it in the US of A. Thank you, and stay tuned.


Images courtesy of Golda Addo and Decokraft.

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