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Meet Farida Nabourema, Togo - Photo courtesy of Farida Nabourema.

“The only compensation any activist should expect is posterity. Fight for others because others fought for you.”

Social activist and blogger. Farida has been a fearless advocate for democracy and human rights in Togo since she was a teenager. Through over 300 articles written on her blog and other sites, Farida denounces corruption, dictatorship and neocolonialism. In 2014, Farida published a book in French titled” La Pression de l’oppression” (The Pressure of Oppression) in which she discussed the different forms of oppressions that people face in Africa, and highlighted the need for youth and women to be politically engaged.

Full interview: President Akufo-Addo talks about Africa, political instability, homosexuality in Ghana, and more with Jane Dutton

President Akufo-Addo on Sunday morning, November 26th, 2017, granted audience to Al Jazeera’s Jane Dutton on her show ‘Talk to Al Jazeera’.

Kofi Amoah Amigosten

Ghanaian philanthropist, Kofi Amoah Amigosten, well known on Facebook for his ‘Ride With Amigos’ outreach; a kind of one-man charitable crusade that seeks to soothe the pain of the largely rural poor, needy and forgotten people he comes into contact with in whatever way he can, raise awareness of their conditions and expose some of the social issues and dangers he comes across was recently named the proud winner of SDLG's Africa's Most Reliable Personality.

Marricke K. Gane

In light of his active Social Media activity and forthcoming book launch scheduled for 13th November, 2015 at the Botsio Hall of Ghana's famous Alisa Hotel at 5:30pm, Immortal Boa-Ansah engaged the highly esteemed author - Marricke Kofi Gane formerly Charles Kofi Fekpe who has 10 published books to his credit in a brief interview to learn more about him and hopefully afford his audience an opportunity to get to know him just a tad bit better before the Book Launch.

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