Thu, Aug

I have been following with keen interest the current debate on the construction of a new Parliamentary Chamber for the country. In my considered opinion it is a good proposal and if carried out ...

File image - President Akufo Addo

Your Excellency, I wish to personally congratulate you for the wisdom and tenacity of purpose you have demonstrated so far in achieving prosperity, stability and maintaining the peace we are enjoying as a state.

Consider that while other countries are making their citizens ready for the future, you are reveling in a past that doesn't exist anymore, ...

File image - Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo

 Dear Chief Justice,

Your Honor, by your erudite pronouncements, we can follow that unassailable line of logic that we can't also mass produce SHS graduates, since the scale of the malpractice these days surpass the days of the 60s as we need future adults of Ghana to be full of integrity and law abiding.

Soon people gathered and they started hurling insults, “armed robber”, “thief”, you have snatched a phone, okada boys are criminals, etc. “God made you to have this accident ...

Richard Owusu Nyarko and Christian Asum, the writers

Dear Inspector General of Police (IGP), Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Interior and Defence ministers,