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Mr. President, on the issue of travel ban, why is the travel permit limited to only countries that have recorded at least 200 cases of COVID-19?

An open letter to the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to review his directives on Covid-19

Dear Mr. President,

On behalf of all Ghanaians, I greet you. Many thanks for the bold initiative to institute some measures in a bid to arrest the current COVID-19 outbreak in Ghana. Permit me to share my thoughts on your proposed measures as well as provide you some ideas to complement your efforts.

In the circumstances, please MoH, “make SOME payments” owed to Health Service Providers. It is no use entrusting our health to MoH when MoH is being quarantined by Service Providers for unpaid arrears.


It is with concern I write openly. The world is in a tough place health-wise and our collective safety can only be secured by us unifying. With 80,348 infections worldwide, our closest brush was 20+ suspect cases in Ghana, we’re told tested negative. We're still concerned:

No One was born, with NDC or NPP in their blood. We were ALL born with Ghana in our Blood. NPP and NDC will come and Go. If Ghana goes well, it does for us all.

Marricke Gane Writes to NDC and NPP Sympathisers: We are in a new dispensation. One that requires doing things differently

Dear NDC and NPP sympathisers,

No, I mean those who followed these parties because they USED to stand for an ideal they hoped would make Ghana better for ALL OF US. Yes, you are the one I am writing to.