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Rejoinder: Manasseh’s Love Letter to Ebony

Written By Umar Mohammed - If I have two younger siblings; one boy and the other girl, and the boy goes out to have sex and I say nothing to him, and the girl go out to have sex and I unleash a fierce public denouncement of my sister, it is not advice out of love, it is control. Or I have a twisted type of love, the kind of love that allows fathers and mothers to give their 9-15-year-Olds to men as old as 90 to marry in the name of loving and protecting them.

Manasseh's Folder: A love letter to Ebony

Dear Ebony,

Our wise elders once said the rat which makes its abode by the popular village path is either extremely courageous or a speedster. In the same way, it takes more than courage for a married man to openly write a love letter to another woman. That man is either a daredevil or his foolhardiness is matchless. I want you to take this letter seriously because I have had to risk other factors in order to write to you.

Homosexuality in Ghana

Dear Mr. President,

Greetings from one of your subjects.