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Open Letter to Shatta Wale; Keep Mute Because Kiki Died a Pauper

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  • Many people have attributed his ill-character to his wealth, his supplementary intake ...

Dear Shatta,

This is the first time I am writing an article not on history or academia, but on the life of an individual I deem necessary advising.

I am an SM Family fan and have attended shows of Shatta Wale. I can say without any doubt that Shatta Wale is a very good musician, but has poor conduct.

Many people have attributed his ill-character to his wealth, his supplementary intake and others will say it’s as a result of his upbringing.

KIKI Gyan, was a musician playing the genre of Disco in the 1970's and lived his life in Ghana and Europe. One song of his in 1982 was “24 hours in a Disco".

KIKI owned a house at age 18 in England, at that same age Shatta Wale was on the streets, sleeping at night in the house of his father. Kiki was a Millionaire in his 20's.

Shatta Wale, please shut up because we have seen people dying with no money in their accounts though they once lived as millionaires.

Shatta Wale has on several platforms insulted and spoken against innumerable artists like Sarkodie, his dancehall commando partner, Stonebwoy and his Papa, Samini.

"I am the richest Musician" said shatta wale is irksome.

Pride goes beyond failure and haughty spirit goes before destruction.

Shatta Wale has been described to me in interviews with several Ghanaians as an uncertified lunatic who just shouts and speaks ill of people without considering societal standards. His recent accusation on Stonebwoy killing his Mama is one childish comment he must apologize immediately for.

The life Shatta Wale is living is just a ghost of the life Kiki Gyan once lived. The only difference is that Kiki had better international recognition than Shatta Wale. Kiki had collaboration with legends like Peter Tosh and Marcus.

Meanwhile, the constant braggart (Shatta) is here collaborating with the militants in Ghana, Nima.

To the local champion and self-acclaimed Dancehall King....where at all have you gone? I for one won't take it easy with Shatta if he ends up like Kiki Gyan though he is living a life completely a shadow to the life Kiki Gyan lived.

Kiki Gyan became so proud that whenever he was advised by legends like Osibisa and Teddy Osei, he in reply insulted them. This reminds me of a writing in the Book of Proverbs:

"Those who reject advice are fools". (No Malice).

Shatta, I may leave it for Ghanaians to judge whether you take in drugs or you don't?

I will also leave it to these same Ghanaians, who recently watched your leaked Video to judge if you are a Womanizer or not.

Yes / No being the Answer, I want Shatta to know that the downfall of Kiki was as a result of all these.

I think Kiki could have been helped if he was respectful.

Like Joke, like joke, comments from you, such as "Stonebwoy killed the Mama" is phooey and vexatious.

I learned through Forbes that your net worth is 6.2million dollars. That has made me smile for hours, because I have just remembered Sammy Davis Jr. and Franz Schubert who all died poor, though they were internationally known as rich men.

What Talent at all have you got?  I write with no malice, but I think you must sit your manners down and improve upon it.

Kiki Gyan was a multi- Instrumentalist, Musician, Record Producer and a Songwriter.

His end was pathetic and I deem drawing your attention to go and read his words before dying, which all shows he wished to have lived well if he had the chance.

I know you may react but let it be cool not forgetting that your duty is to learn from the positive and neglect those you wish to. React but forget not Nana Germane.

We love SM.

(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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