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A Letter to Pepper Dem Ministries – Are You Misandrists or Feminists?

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  • But you Akosua Abebrese from a village which isn’t even shown on the map of Ghana think that because your father ...

Dear Pepper Dem Ministries,

From the deepest part of my heart I want to let you girls know that some of your actions disgust me. I’ve always wanted to tell you girls this, but Teacher Kwadwo’s issue finally gave me the perfect reason I needed.

You girls are not feminists but a bunch of man-haters(misandrists) who wish a similar flood like that which happened during Noah’s time will come and wipe off men from the face of the earth. But know this, there’s no rest for the wicked. According to Proverbs 28:1, it says the wicked runs when no one pursues them, and you girls are drawing closer to that time.

Whatever you do, know that without the sperm of a man, you all wouldn’t exist.

There’s been several instances where you girls goofed big time but because of how uncouth most of you are, people don’t want to get on your bad side and just let it slide. I heard most of you are in ‘good’ relationships, you better check if those men are straight. You’re probably dating your fellow women because honestly, I don’t know which men will carry such burdens on them.

I am a woman, I believe in Feminism, I believe women deserve and should be given equal rights as men, I believe a man can equally help around the house and not sit idle and wait for the woman to do all the tedious work around the house especially after returning late and tired from work, I believe women have been victimized for so long and this is the time for liberation but I don’t believe we need to put down men to achieve that. I don’t believe some men should be denied their daily bread just so a bunch of misandrists who call themselves feminists can be happy. I believe in forgiveness and I believe in reorientation. Also, I believe there are certain jobs that are gender oriented. I believe if we truly want feminism to reign supreme then we should start from our individual homes and our educational system. Yes, by not giving women special treatment like ‘cut off point’ at the secondary and university level with the notion of having more women enrolled in school. But will you deny that women are sometimes fragile? I believe the Vice Chancellor of KNUST goofed big time by using women as pawns and ‘degendering’ the traditional male halls.

I believe that since we are preaching feminism, all genders should strive and make it on a leveled ground.

I have brothers and I have men in my family, the last thing I want is for a bunch of man-haters to victimize them. I have women in my family as well, and I want them to have equal opportunities as men and not be abused in their quest to better themselves.

I know men who are genuine feminists and fighting for women to have equal rights at their work places, schools and every other institution.

I believe in bride price. It’s certainly not a tool to subjugate women but to honor them. Forget the genesis of this whole bride price thing and how we define it these days. To me It’s a token of appreciation for all the troubles parents go through to raise their kids. After all this stress my mum went through and is still going through and you want to tell me she shouldn’t take bride price and be appreciated? She can’t be paid fully for all she has done, but she can be appreciated.  Bride price doesn’t mean I have been bought. Someone can be bought even without money or gift, how about that too?

You girls sit in the comfort of your homes in the big cities and think you’re effecting change. The real job is out there, get off your high horses, get in the dirt and get your hands dirty for the right reasons. It’s rather unfortunate that the media encourages such hate these days because that’s what sells when other real feminists need the platform.

Female Genital mutilation is still being practiced, there are still women at the Gambaga witches camp who need saving, some cultural practices that promote the objectifying of women are still in existence, there are widows who are being abused by the family from the husband’s side, there are women who are still going through emotional , psychological and physical abuse (better yet torture best describes it) from their spouses, there are women in prison who don’t belong there, the health system does not really favour women and several other institutions. Most of these women are not on Facebook, so get off Facebook and help get the real job done.

There are so many ways to preach feminism and how to go about it.

Oprah Winfrey beat poverty, abuse, relationship problems, race and gender issues to become the most famous TV host of all time and is now a billionaire.

And now, she’s using her affluence and power to change the world and help women. She’s never preached ‘man-hating’. Does that make her any lesser a feminist?

But you Akosua Abebrese from a village which isn’t even shown on the map of Ghana think that because your father was absent from your mother’s life and that of yours and a certain guy with one boxer shorts has broken your heart so you’re a feminist. Plus, you have a problem with a woman who out of her own free will, decided to kneel before her husband. It’s different if she was coerced to do it. You give feminism a bad name.

Rape is a delicate issue, but you can’t pin rape on the neck of someone who hasn’t done it. If you feel the person has the tendencies or has said something in favor of rape, draw the person’s attention to it, reproach and correct the person without you yourself sounding abusive. When the person finally apologizes or shows remorse, learn to let go especially when the person hasn’t committed the act.

How do you use abuse to change abuse? It’s a good thing to fight for the rights of women and children. It’s good that you want women to enjoy equal rights as men. But it’s about time you revise your strategies and be feminists rather than misandrists. Because your approach to certain issues is honestly appalling sometimes. Instead of attacking people, correct them and use love to preach the ‘need for feminism’ to them.

Dear Huawei Ghana, if Apple and other phone brands were to listen to a bunch of angry misandrists they wouldn’t be where you are striving to be.

You terminated a contract you have with a man because of a statement he made years ago (even before he had a contract with you) after issuing an apology (I stand corrected as to if that’s the real reason the contract was terminated). People grow, change is constant. If he didn’t know then, he knows now. No matter how bad his statement was, he knows better now. This same man has imparted and impacted the lives of several kids in his small way. You failed to see the good and dwelt on what you assume is bad.

This man gave your brand the recognition it needs. Many people bought your phones because of this man. Your approach towards this issue is unjust and needs to be reviewed. Do you mean Huawei as a brand never made mistakes before they became the Huawei they are today? In terms of marketing and the creation of your gadgets? I need answers. ‘What you people do pain me waa’.

After all is said and done, ‘moy3 den kraa, mo de n’ak) Dubai awie. A place most of these misandrists can only dream of but never get the opportunity to visit and explore.

Just know that you just took food out of the mouth of a man, a breadwinner of a family and a savior to some brilliant but needy kids.

Ewura Esi Adda.

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