Open letter to the manager of British Airways in Accra

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The British Airways flight to Accra was horrible.

Dear British Airways Manager in Accra,

On April 17, I flew from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Toronto on AC 615, Toronto to London Heathrow on AC856 and from Heathrow to Accra on BA 081 arriving on April 18 without my luggage.

On arrival, I filed a report with British Airways’ agents, AVIANCE, with reference # ACCBA26289.

Since then, I have been going to the airport every day to check on the bags.

BA staff will not talk to me and will rather refer me to their agents.


I am very frustrated, there has been no compensation and this has ruined my Easter holidays which I was very much looking forward to spending with family and friends. Of much sentimental value and memory is a blanket with my late sister's picture that I brought back when she died on January 4, 2019 in Virginia, USA.

I typically do not fly BA but with this unpleasant experience, I am pondering if I should ever fly BA and I will be waiting to see how I am reunited with my bag as I am departing Accra on Saturday, April 27 and will not be flying BA.

Horrible flight

The British Airways flight to Accra was horrible.

The plane was an old Boeing 747 and although I flew in World Traveler Plus, the entertainment system never worked throughout the flight.

It seems obvious to me that British Airways is more concerned about profits rather than the convenience and comfort of your clients.

In my view, your airline has contracted customer service and customer relationship management to AVIANCE in Accra who are doing a terrible job to the detriment of all your clients.

I have been in Accra for five days now, BA is unable to trace my bag, you and your staff do not even have the courtesy to reach out to me and there has been no compensation whatsoever.

I must let you know that most of the people who represent your airline at AVIANCE hardly speak any decent English, they are poorly trained and are very unprofessional in dealing with the client whose money helps to keep BA on the lucrative London/Accra route.

Your staff have no respect for black clients and I will be looking forward to hearing from you to see how you intend to assist me.

In the meantime, I will be sharing my sad experience with all my contacts and urge them to think very carefully about flying British Airways as your airline does not care about your clients.

I have learned the hard way and have taken note.

Ebenezer Annan,

211 Capstone Crescent, Bedford Nova Scotia Canada


Written By Ebenezer Annan