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File image - Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo

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Consider that while other countries are making their citizens ready for the future, you are reveling in a past that doesn't exist anymore, ...

 Dear Chief Justice,

Your Honor, by your erudite pronouncements, we can follow that unassailable line of logic that we can't also mass produce SHS graduates, since the scale of the malpractice these days surpass the days of the 60s as we need future adults of Ghana to be full of integrity and law abiding.

By following your dictum, we can also say that the actions to expand educational infrastructure is of no merit as we are sure to see people's dreams of joining such a noble profession artificially truncated by your edict.

Left to you alone and your types, we need to restrict our numbers of professionals like surgeons and doctors to 1960s level.

Of course, it is of no importance that our population has tripled since the 60s, and is set to double at current rates by 2040. Of course, it doesn't matter at all that technology has improved since the 60s and the need for essential legal services to do many different aspects of life.

It is probably for this reason of throwing back to the 60s that issues like copyright and IP laws might also not be relevant to the legal profession, modern banking and other such activity be thrown to the pile of irrelevance since issues that have come up in the 2000s are not in the scope of our lives, which should be banished to the 1960s.

Forget also, that we currently have a grossly inadequate doctor patient ratio that relegate us to a third world status because by this same stretch of logic, the people of Wiamoase and Fankyeneko no. 2 don't need lawyers, so that our noble judges can jail 20 year old plantain thieves to 18 years in prison costing the state 20,000 times the cost of the plantain stolen.

It is for this reason, while I revere your status in this noble profession and the laurels that you have chalked on your way to the top that I feel your generation is completely aloof and out of touch with the needs of the current and modern Ghanaian, into the future.

I will humbly beseech you and others who think like you, that the age of the 60s is long gone. We don't use telegrams anymore, and multimillion dollar wire transfers are done in minutes. Actually, our perception of what a human being is legally might change in the next 20 years due to bionic and technology, and these legal virtues you so uphold will be as obsolete as the English in the King James Bible, a relic of ages past, but with little relevance to the present.

You might consider the fact that a little more education puts the average Ghanaian in a better stead to compete in the global economy, since we are in the age of information and not the age of industrialization.

Consider that while other countries are making their citizens ready for the future, you are reveling in a past that doesn't exist anymore, else we would have been wearing wigs and gowns to lectures in the hot humid African sun.

If you really asked most millenials, they would rather dispense with the English horsehair wigs and woolen gowns for more African alternatives to suit the weather and also we believe in what the modern African can achieve.

Yours sincerely,

Selorm Branttie

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