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Letter to the First Lady; Water in Chanyili is a health hazard

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I am a missionary in a village called Chanyili in the Northern Region of Ghana. Chanyili is located on the outskirts of Tamale on the Tamale-Kumasi highway.

Mother of the land, the people of Chanyili are appealing to you and your esteemed organisation to come to their aid by providing them with safe and an easily accessible source of water.

Chanyili is a community of about 500 people, and the main source of water currently is a dug-out which is muddy. The people walk a very long distance in order to fetch this muddy water for their domestic and other uses.
They also share this muddy water with their livestock which end up defecating in the water.

When the dry season comes, the woes of this community increase. The muddy water gets dried up and access to water, which is a basic necessity of life, becomes extremely difficult.

Moreover, the contraction of water-borne diseases is common in this community; therefore, the people spend their small income from farming activities on health expenditure due to their inability to afford National Health Insurance registration cost.

Finally, I have attached some of the pictures depicting the situation at Chanyili for your observation and perusal. I am readily available on 0547536060 should you need any further information. The people of Chanyili count on your kind consideration to put smiles on their faces and to end the spread of water-related diseases in the community.


Written By:

Adofo Solomon Kofi
P.O. Box TL 1388

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