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Your Excellency, it’s worthy of note that a leader and his leadership is recounted for nothing more than the inspiring accounts and memories of ...

Dear Nana Addo,

Without much ado, and with the urgency with which I cut to the heart of this matter, and without the traditional niceties, you must begin to let your appointees take the fall for their in(actions).

Not necessarily on legal grounds alone, but also by way of ethical standards. For when your legacy is recounted, none of the dawn beggars, or midnight petitioners for wrong doers, will be there to put in a word. Those who claim they’re for you, for true, shouldn’t be dead scared of going kamikaze on their appointments, to save you and the reputation of your government, as well as our dear nation’s greater welfare. For never before, in our history, even beyond our laurels of democracy, have citizens been this hungry for a greater spirit of accountability in this polity. For that’s the uncompromising effort we must make if we will ever break the chains of excruciating poverty that’s dogged our nation’s progress since inception.

Your Excellency, it’s worthy of note that a leader and his leadership is recounted for nothing more than the inspiring accounts and memories of their stewardship, which they bequeath their nation’s progeny; to impart in them an unalloyed sense of self belief, that’d spur them on to greater exploits. Remember, the mansions and large limousines of your party faithfuls will eventually fade away. The national prestige projects will not enduringly hold up your fame. For the brick and mortar will, even if for long, wear away. If you doubt me, take a second look at the fate of the Tema Motorway.

Nana, please do tell; where’s the modern day effectiveness of the musket and bayonet Abraham Lincoln shot? Nonetheless, his exploits inspired a young Obama of African descent, to rise to the climax of his ambitions, and became once a stellar leader of the free world. Neither can we locate the piano that the great Kwegyir Aggrey played, even as he strived to engender unity in diversity; when we were still then the Gold Coast Colony. But in no mean way, he leaves us with indelible lessons of coexistence in a spirit of racial harmony. Nana, needless to say every generation is sure to build their own spaceships and write their better hieroglyphs, but where’s the inspiration you bequeath them today to achieve these feats?

Your Excellency, if you may, the time is now. The gauntlet falls before you, and none other. You can still write your name in the shifting but ever steady sands of time, or forever hold your peace; before your citizens, descendants yet unborn, and your ancestors, who died in the struggle for this nation, and now looking on from the great beyond.

Nana, each day, as the clock ticks, and the seconds pass, your legacy is being scripted on the pages of Ghana’s social folklore and scholarly historical notepads.

Nana Addo, these are the moments we live each day ordinarily, yet, these are the very same moments of destiny. In such moments, rhetoric and flowery words do not cut it; but action, absolute action, nothing but cold and steely action.

Mr. President, I hope my words do resonate with your current situation; and sincerely, I believe they do count for something.🤔

Your Faithful Citizen


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