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File image - Vice President Dr. Alhaji Bawumia at a school in the Wa East Constituency during his time in opposition with the NPP government. He later ordered and paid for furniture for the school out of his pocket

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Your Excellency Dr. Alhaji Bawumia,

How be market, sir? I am not sure when anybody mentions "The Vice President" you look round to see if H.E. Amissah Arthur is around. In fact, you are now the Vice President of Ghana!

I am sending these images to remind you that there are still thousands of schools under trees and dilapidated structures in the country begging earnestly for your urgent attention. Rawlings-Kufour-Mills-Mahama administration have done a lot to reduce this worrying situation but there is still a tall list to deal with.

Last year, you were in the news for describing President Mahama's administration as an insensitive one. You said the NDC's sense of priority was warped! To exhibit your seriousness, you used your out of pocket money to provide infrastructure to a number of schools.

Images of you visiting the poor schools showed you as a disturbed citizen who was visibly worried about the plight of his people. Allah being so good to you, you are now the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana and in a position to change the destinies of these unfortunate schools. I hope the sweetness of the victory has not numbed your sense of priority.

I was given to understand that your administration is going to spend a whopping amount of 20 Million Ghana Cedis on Ghana @60. What is the significance of 60 years apart from reminding us that if Ghana were a human being, he would have been due for retirement this year? I don't really care whether the money is going to come from government's coffers or from corporate Ghana. The value is ultimately the same - the funds are coming from Ghanaians. It is not going to fall from Heaven like mana.

The Akans advise the prudent to be mindful of what is NEEDED before thinking of what is BEFITTING. Your Excellency, do you think the priority of the nation today is to spend so much on pomp and pageantry? For how long should the kids wait till another committee is established to plan how to eliminate their burdens?

Your party flew on the wings of One-District-One-Factory to victory but not a significant word on it since you assumed office. When l asked my NPP friends, they told me to bid my time and that real action on those promises are in the yet-to-be read budget. You saw the need to establish committees to deal with celebrations so you can really feel like a president and a Vice President, taking unending salute from everybody.

You could have learnt from the Tanzanian president who canceled the Independence Day celebration and ordered that the money should be used to improve on the health infrastructure.

Finally, l just want to know from you the number of schools 20 Million Ghana Cedis (200 Billion old Cedis) can build and why you think the education of our children is secondary to these celebrations.

Abass Sbaabe
(Foot Soldier-General)

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