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  • However, despite promising to turn our country into something never imagined in our history, power and those around you seem to have clouded your understanding of the plight of the people, most of who remain in some awe of your person.

Open letter to President Akufo-Addo - Kobby Gomez-Mensah

Dear Nana Akufo-Addo,

Despite campaigning, voting and guarding the votes for you nearly two years ago, I have become a spectator. I choose to remain on the fringes because not only are you going down as one of our worst performing leaders, you are not likely to leave a time-tested and enduring legacy, founded on well thought out programmes and policies. Policies aimed at improving the lots of the many who spent their entire lives believing in your person until you became president.

  • Today, Ahanta (Ayinda) lies in desolation and we are sharply divided among ourselves because every Ahanta (Ayinda) chief wants to have his own paramountcy, supremacy and create his own identity, forgetting that strength lies in unity.

File Image: Launch of 2017 Ahanta festival. Photo credit- Ghanabusinessnews

Dear Nana,

The name of our festival is Kundum and not Kuntum. I write to you from Abokobi in the Ga East Municipality of the Greater Accra Region. I wish to inform you that the Ga people celebrate Homowo, and for all these centuries, the name of their sacred festival has remained Homowo. Same goes for other festivals in Ghana.

  • You fell short of mentioning where else this system operate successfully and additional statistics. But of course I cannot begrudge you, you didn't have all the time to make this disclosures.

Mr President, the double track system will collapse Senior High School

Dear Mr. President,

As part of your tour of the three Northern Regions, you announced that from the 2018/2019 Academic Year, Senior High Schools will run on what you and your government call 'the double track system'. For the benefit of other readers, let me rehash below in bullet points how the proposed system will work;

  • However, Mr. President, today you reinstated two individuals who were believed to have taken part in the scandal without mentioning to Ghanaians and fans of our sports who the actual culprits were.

Ghana Athletics Team captain - John Ampomah

Dear Mr. President,

In April of this year, Ghana's beautiful image was tainted by some egocentric individuals during the Commonwealth Games in Australia.