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  • Only birth certificate and passport are required for obtaining Ghana Card. How many Ghanaians have passports or birth certificates? It is also ironical for a government produced by Voter ID card holding Ghanaians to be refused the Ghana Card. The agenda of the NPP is very clear.

President Akufo-Addo of Ghana.

Dear Nana Addo,

The sacking of my "wife" as the boss of the Electoral Commission (EC) is the most shameful act of a sitting president since the restoration of sanity into our democracy by the 4th Republic. Are we practicing democracy or tyranny? The NPP, even before the appointment of my dear "wife" Charlotte Osei came out with blitz and artillery to destroy her. Top party members accused her of having slept with John Mahama (then president) to earn her appointment.

  • I saw the joy on your face, when you received the WAFU Cup, which was won by our gallant local based footballers, when Ghana hosted the tournament in 2017.

The author, Abel Manomey

Dear President,

On 6th June, 2018, Investigative Journalist Anas Aremayaw Anas, made public an exposé that showed several members of the Football Association and referees allegedly collecting bribes on tape. Your Government in your own wisdom, was compelled to suspend all activities of the Ghana Football Association, as well as barring its officials from undertaking any duty at the Football Association to enable further investigation into the matter.

  • It is heart-rending to read such statements from people who are the direct beneficiaries of the toils of our party footsoldiers.

A Letter to Hosanna Louisa Carol

 Dear Hosanna Louisa Carol,

The footsoldiers upon whose sweat you are enjoying are more than displeased with your callous, soulless and insentient referral of them as a bunch of people who cannot be reasoned with.

  • A $10million Premier League sponsorship is a great mistake. I have been wondering why the league wasn’t sponsored by MENZGOLD. If it’s possible to change the name of sponsor, I’ll urge you to do so immediately because the rewards may be more beneficial with MENZGOLD.

A letter to Nana Appiah Mensah on Zylofon Cash

Dear Nana Appiah Mensah,

I trust God that you are doing well wherever you are now.

I intended sending this message to you in private but knowing how inboxes of busy millionaires like yourself are flooded with business proposals, reports and messages from people seeking financial assistance for varied reasons minute-by-minute, I am left with no option than to go this way.