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  • The question is, would these union leaders seek for extension of the schools' lockdown if they were in the private sector and their salaries depended on the school fees collected? Certainly not!

An Open Letter To The Director-General Of Ghana Education Service (Ges) On The Proposal To Re-Open Schools

Dear Professor Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa,

I have always wanted to reach you to show my appreciation for the transformational education agenda you and your team are executing for mother Ghana. Truth is, there's so much to be done to create for Ghana the top-notch educational structure comparable to that of the developed world. However, it is crystal clear that the service in collaboration with the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) and the National Inspectorate Board (NIB) is poised at ensuring that Ghana education gets the development it deserves. Congratulations!

Lessons From The Tema Covid-19 Factory Spread...

 Dear President Nana Addo,

First, I wish to thank you for your leadership and the efforts made to mitigate the impact of COVID - 19 on Ghanaians. Without a doubt, we have been successful in some areas and this includes our work around extensive testing, tracing, isolation and treatment which has resulted in our relatively low mortality figures when compared to many other nations in Africa or beyond. Saving lives is the most important outcome we can achieve so kudos to the Government for relatively low mortality figures.

  • The other day, I met Sanatu, daughter of Mashu the shoemaker. She was being tickled in the dark by Yaamuha, the village womanizer. I detested what Yaamuha, known for his touch and go, hit and run, machinations, was about to do to the daughter of ...

File image - Former president John D. Mahama (L) exchanging pleasantries with VP Mahamudu Bawumia in this undated image.


Our elders say “by trying often, the monkey learns to jump from tree to tree”, I used to draw several folds of inspiration from what I thought was the wisdom of the elders, until only a few cock crows ago. When the elders talked about “monkey” and “trees”, were they perhaps, insinuating that those of us who “try often” to become better at what we do are actually “monkeys”? Help me with the answer, oh dear wise one, for your child is more confused than “a group of black ants without a leader”.

  • Unlike Akufo Addo who was in his usual belligerent best when you were battling to prevent Ebola from entering Ghana, you are offering practical recommendations and solution to this government to lift us from the doldrums.

Former presidetnt, John D. Mahama. File image

Your Excellency,

If there is any opposition Party across the globe that has conducted itself well and has stood out as a government in waiting, it is the NDC. You, the National Executives and all those working behind the scenes to put the party in this glittering light deserve commendation.