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17 people flog woman on orders of fetish priest

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“He then told me to pull the metal ball out of the ground by my neck. I tried hard many times but I couldn’t,” she narrated.

A woman at Kasoa in the Central Region was last Monday night flogged by 17 people on the orders of a fetish priest after he had pronounced her guilty of stealing in a trial by ordeal.

Bad Roads in Ghana: Amoma Maidens Blame Disheveled Road For Lack of Suitors

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Confirming the impact of the decrepit road on the nonexistence of suitors and a lack of severe marriage opportunities, another of the town’s maidens ...

The unkempt state of the major thoroughfare leading to the town of Amoma, in the Kintampo South District of the Brong Ahafo Region in Ghana, has been blamed for the lack of suitors for resident and non-resident ladies of the town.

‘Ghanaian neighbors' to Chinese national – “Carry your own shit, don't cover it …”

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Interestingly and incomprehensibly, he negated the vast friendliness and expanse of the bush and opted for the prime comfort of a walled yard and respectable garden.

A Chinese immigrant in Ghana got more than he bargained for in ‘heavy duty relief’ after he was forced to collect his fecal matter and dispose of it elsewhere.

6 siblings of congressman endorse opponent

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The Arizona political feud shines a light on similar family disputes heating up across the nation.

New opposition campaign advertisements featuring six siblings speaking out against the re-election of their brother, U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., have exposed the sting of familial political disputes that seems to have heated up under the leadership of President Donald Trump.

Motorcycle and Pregnant Woman Receive Kingly Treatment Ahead of Delivery

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In his lamentations, he wonders whether their part of the town is not part of the country, given the young men and pregnant woman’s torturous journey to a delivery ward.

 A disturbing video clip of transportation arrangements being made for a pregnant woman going into labor, somewhere in Ghana, currently making the rounds on the various popular social media sites, Facebook included, has left many Ghanaians perplexed and sad.

Zurich: Swiss police urge owners to put dogs in shoes during heatwave

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The “Hot Dogs” campaign calls on owners to measure the temperature of the ground with the back of their hand for five seconds to determine whether it will hurt their pet’s paws.

Police in the Swiss city of Zurich have launched a campaign calling on dog owners to put their four-legged friends in shoes during the heatwave to protect their paws.

File image - Cows cross a busy street in Achimota, Accra.

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At this rate, the next development in the world of Ghanaian cows remains uncertain, but the likelihood of them having their own lane remains a mirage,...

A herd of cows recently gave new meaning to the term ‘Cow Lane’, when they took over a section of a three-way lane somewhere in Ghana, perhaps in demand of their own lane in that part of town, as their activities continue to expand.

Columbus bank robbery suspect gives ID, easily tracked by police

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Police say a quick-thinking bank teller in Ohio convinced a suspected robber to hand over his own license.

Prosperity gospel televangelist Jesse Duplantis.

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In a video posted to YouTube, television preacher Duplantis asked the Lord — and his hundreds of thousands of followers around the world — to fund a new Falcon 7X private jet.

Prosperity gospel televangelist Jesse Duplantis is pleading with his followers, claiming he needs a $54 million jet to help him efficiently spread the gospel to as many people as possible, the Washington Post reports.

Marricke Kofi Gane serves notice to political bootlickers and detractors

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Popular number-cruncher cum one-man self-appointed political watchdog or perhaps watchcat, by virtue of his Voltarian roots, Mr. Marricke Kofi Gane, has unleashed his ire on an apparent political foot soldier, who took to his inbox with threats, the full specifics of which he has for now chosen to keep in the private of his Facebook compound yard.

Abdul Baqi, 22, thought his family would help him get married. Instead, his father and four brothers accused him of violating Islamic values and removed his eyes to punish him. VOA photo

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The brother "went on to say that we are making a mistake by going to Afghanistan for jihad. 'Actual Jihad is here in our house. The first jihad is here against this infidel.' He was talking about me as I was bleeding from my wounds," Baqi added.

A man has been blinded by his own father and siblings for allegedly wanting to marry a girl he fell in love with in southwestern Pakistan.

Curious cheetah jumps into car on safari tour.

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"While we were all watching the cheetah in the front, one of the brothers had flanked around the back and hopped in back of the vehicle to try and sniff us and make sure that we weren't a threat."

An Oregon man on safari in Africa ended up in a closer-than-expected encounter with a cheetah that jumped into the back seat of the SUV.

Bishop Obinim makes congregants openly confess their sexual sins (VIDEO)

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The Founder of the International God’s Way Church (IGWC), Bishop Daniel Obinim is in the news again after making some members of his congregation openly confess their sexual sins.

Novel group look to maximize pothole and manhole use in Ghana

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Expanding on the ten-year cashew project on his own accord, he said he was all for it, as cashew trees are unlike Guinea fowls, and thus unlikely to grow long wings that can willingly or unwillingly force them to take a one way flight to neighboring countries like Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, and even to Togo, where they may likely consider the fifty-year-old dynastic rule of the Eyadema family a deterrent.

A novel group of youthful Ghanaian entrepreneurs based in Laterbiokorshie, Accra, identifying themselves as the ‘Manholers and Potholers’, have, in the typical germane sense of the Ghanaian approach to finding solutions to local problems, come up with a unique way to utilize the manholes and potholes that abound on several of the country’s streets to the fullest maximum.

Judge dismisses DSAG and CPAG lawsuit against Marricke Kofi Gane

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Situations of this nature, he claimed, can easily catapult him into the realm of wordsmithing, where he can metaphorically and hyperbolically find Elixir, Comfort, and Caramel in the innocuous and vacuous concoction of high sounding bombastic words stringed and waxed together in perfect union.

A Fourth Circuit of the Accra High Court, presided over by Her Honor, Justica Evangelina Naa Ganyobi Shooyo Kwatiorkor Quartey, aka ‘mother to all’, has dismissed a lawsuit brought before her by Messrs. Aloysius Kwamina Broniba Engman, and Ulysses Efo Koku Yevuviga with DSAG and CPAG respectively, against one Mr. Marricke Kofi Gane.

Man arrested for offering human head for sale.

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When the news broke out, some of the community leaders caused the arrest of the suspect with the help of Chief Inspector Mr Justice Amoah Afriyie at Dixcove.

The Agona Nkwanta District Police Command in the Western Region yesterday arrested a young man for allegedly offering fresh human head for sale.

File image - Mr. Marricke Kof Gane

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“And let me make this categorically succinct. I do not stand for any behavior warped in hyperbolically diabetic insults and caramelised vulgarities, whether you have ever been my mentee or… Mentoring is not fatherhood waii.”

Two independent organizations: The Diabetic Sufferers Association of Ghana (DSAG), and the Caramel Producers Association of Ghana (CPAG), say they are considering filing a lawsuit against Mr. Marricke Kofi Gane, at the Accra High Court.

Bishop Obinim burns members’ traded-in undergarments for blessings

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The leader and founder of International GodsWay Church, Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim, recently inflamed the tongues of many Ghanaians across various Social Media platforms with a request for members of both sexes to trade in a pair of used undergarments at the church’s Tema branch for blessings.

Man Stuffs Stolen Fish Down His Pants

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A brief but conscientiously thought provoking video on Facebook, shows a man seemingly stealing a huge fish and stuffing it down his pants.

Motorcyclist plunges into sinkhole in China while fiddling with his phone

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A man riding a motorbike crashed into a sinkhole shortly after it appeared on a street in Beihai, China on Thursday.

Hilarious: I am no fool to go to Denkyira Obuasi – Prophet Kumchacha

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Founder and Leader of the Heaven's Gate Ministries, Nicholas Osei, also known as Prophet Kumchacha says he is no fool to go to Denkyira Obuasi in the Central Region of Ghana to preach the word of God.

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