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Man Stuffs Stolen Fish Down His Pants

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A brief but conscientiously thought provoking video on Facebook, shows a man seemingly stealing a huge fish and stuffing it down his pants.

Prior to grabbing the fish, he looks around cautiously; making sure he is not being observed. However, he is oblivious of the camera that catches him in the act.

While the video is humorous – large fish disappearing down a man’s pant – Man about town with huge fish in pants - it makes one wonder what sort of circumstance that nameless man is in.

Is it petty theft for the sake of it?

Stealing for the thrill?

Is he trying to feed himself for the week?

Or is he exacting some sort of vengeance on the owner, stealing because he feels he is due more than he has been given?

Whatever the reason, we shouldn’t be quick to judge him. After all, we are also prone to moments of human weakness.

While we can laugh at this video – let’s be honest, it’s pretty funny – we should also try to remember that he may have a valid reason for it. And that we’ve all done questionable things like that too.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever stolen

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