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Bishop Obinim burns members’ traded-in undergarments for blessings

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The leader and founder of International GodsWay Church, Bishop Angel Daniel Obinim, recently inflamed the tongues of many Ghanaians across various Social Media platforms with a request for members of both sexes to trade in a pair of used undergarments at the church’s Tema branch for blessings.

According to the oft controversial leader, the undergarments contains their travails in life, hence torching them will bring them everlasting peace and prosperity. Males were told to turn in their undershirts and underpants. On their part, females were to turn in a used brassiere and underpants.

All this was in line with a vision the man of God had received.

Consequently, hundreds, including men, women, and children from all walks of life followed their leader’s edict as prescribed to the T.

Packed in mounds of plastic bags of various colors, the pastor prayed over the undergarments and eventually set them all on fire.


With some drinking petrol, chewing grass, and fulfilling all kinds of requests from Men of God to receive their slice of God’s blessing in this age, this request seems inconsequential at all levels.


Members' testimony on how their lives have since changed is yet to go as viral as the request for them to turn in their undergarments, but perhaps, we can safely conclude that several undergarment dealers have since been the major beneficiaries of this vision.

According to many, the gullibility and conviction of so many adults that the burning of their undergarments equals prosperity, and an end to all their problems, is just as troubling as the ease with which many are being mentally exploited today in the name of God.


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