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  • “And let me make this categorically succinct. I do not stand for any behavior warped in hyperbolically diabetic insults and caramelised vulgarities, whether you have ever been my mentee or… Mentoring is not fatherhood waii.”

Two independent organizations: The Diabetic Sufferers Association of Ghana (DSAG), and the Caramel Producers Association of Ghana (CPAG), say they are considering filing a lawsuit against Mr. Marricke Kofi Gane, at the Accra High Court.

Speaking with myghanlinks.com’s Abena Alice in an exclusive phone interview, Messrs. Aloysius Kwamina Broniba Engleman, and Ulysses Efo Koku Yevuviga with DSAG and TMAG respectively, stated that the consideration to sue has arisen because of some inflammatory words used by Mr. Gane in a Facebook post which they consider unsavory, and insensitive to members of their Associations.

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Mr. Gane, a Certified Accountant by profession cum accomplished writer in his own right, and a seeming jack-of-most-trades, who also dabbles in the business ‘menteeship and mentorship’ recently wrote in part on Facebook following a wordy spat between a former mentee with a 'heart of gold', and his look-alike Facebook twin brother, the 'man with the aces.'

“And let me make this categorically succinct. I do not stand for any behavior warped in hyperbolically diabetic insults and caramelised vulgarities, whether you have ever been my mentee or… Mentoring is not fatherhood waii.”

Mr. Gane, who is, by all accounts, lucky to have been left off the hook by the Succinct, and Fatherhood Associations, was responding to veiled jibes aimed at his mentoring incapacities and capacities from the emotional and tightly-knit compound house of Facebook over the action of a former mentee with a ‘Heart of Gold’, who ostensibly picked up a fight with a crafty procurator, who holds several ‘aces in his hands’, and is also one of the head honchos of OccupyGhana.

Below is the entirety of Mr. Gane’s post:


I have heard, not once not twice not thrice, that I am the mentor of Dela Goldheart and as such, that I didn't mentor her well, otherwise she wouldn't have behaved on my twin brother, Ace's wall yesterday in the manner in reference. Clap for yourselves and for king Nebuchadnezzar! Just tell me to the face waaii.

Dela and 6 other young people came aboard my mentorship programme for 6 months. The aim was to help each of them discover the path they wanted to follow on (1) their careers (2) to discover what they were naturally wired for and start pursuing it (3) To inspire them to become lifelong learners.

In my estimation it succeeded in varying degrees with each of them - at least every single one of them found a reason to either change their career paths or reconsidered their current paths in life with stupendously deep self-critique. Interestingly when I sent a written review to each mentee, Dela was the only one I went the extra mile to advise on issues on building relationships, leveraging influences, etc - she actually was the one who requested for it. Indeed she even asked that I be blunt about it. I was. And to me, it meant something.

I am proud of what I did, the mentees for taking control of their lives and I would do it again if I had the time. What you didn't know was that at the time of selecting the candidates, there was a similar "beef" ongoing in this same "Facebook compound house that we are all living inside of it". Did that affect my judgement in allowing her onto the programme? No it did not - she got on it purely on merit and vetting. I have learnt to see beyond flaws if any - otherwise I could never help anyone.

I've come to realise you can't CHANGE people - you can only develop the parts about them that you can; Yes I mentored them. Yes I helped redirect their paths to varying degrees.....

DOES THAT MAKE ME RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR PERSONAL CHOICES & ACTIONS??? I am a father too - and if you aren't yet a parent, here is what you will one day learn teaching your kids about danger - some children learn by simply hearing you speak about danger, some learn by observing you step away from it ............ yet still some will only learn by touching it and getting scathed - don't stop them. They will know when they have only 7 out of 10 fingers remaining. Me, I will NEVER stop you - I value your learning more.

And let me make this categorically succinct. I DO NOT stand for any behaviour warped in hyperbolically diabetic insults and caramelised vulgarities, whether you have ever been my mentee or just interested in sweeping the volta basin with your mouths, about me not having mentored anybody well. Mentoring is not equal to fathering waaii.

To all the young folks out there, take this away - it's OK to dare what everybody else is afraid to dare. I encourage people to dare beyond themselves. But it is also unwise, not to know that you must not dare something like a combination of SULPHUR and FIRE, which is the final destruction for even the devil himself. Unless of course you are greater than the devil. There is fearlessness, there is also bloated stupidity - they feel similar. You are mature if you can tell the difference. If you can't, then ask yourself this when tempted: "if I fall while daring, will the lives of others have moved towards a greater good as a result?" If the answer is "No", stupidity is romancing your thoughts. Walk away. Just walk k3k3!


For the curious and kokonsa ones, especially our readers who are not Facebookers, the genesis of the spat is somewhat uncertain, but sources have it that the very capable lady with the ‘Heart of Gold’, who has a burning passion for the profession of procurators, of which the ‘Man with the Aces’ is a standout figure, feeling moved and touched by the spirits of Hermes, and Athena, explicably or inexplicably left a scathing comment on the latter’s Facebook wall, of which her contribution to the construction thereof, remains very doubtful and uncertain, accusing him of gross insensitivity and incomprehension of contemporary feminine issues due to the parochial and patriarchal environment that he was raised in. The supposed effect of this on the ‘Man with the Aces’ has been a myopic and ocular discoloration of his views on the contemporary woman. Not even sure if the 'Man with the Aces' is bespectacled, but that is neither here nor there.

In typical lawyer-speak counter mode, the Man with the Aces’, in glowing fashion, proudly referenced his wife, and two daughters, who he said have to date chartered sterling paths for themselves, and the respect he has for all women in general.

But why am I wandering around in a hyperbolically diabetic and caramelised attempt à la Mr. Gane to put together what has already been beautifully and succinctly put together by one Barnabas Nii Laryea IV?

Below is his accurate and unedited description of events:


Score Board - Barnabas Nii Laryea IV

Ace Anan Ankomah (300) Vrs Dela Goldheart (-3)

As usual, someone's wall, someone's comes there to type this;

Dela... (-3)

I never thought I will say this about you but I guess career excellence and knowledge in law doesn't make you exceptional when it comes to issues affecting women. You grew up in a patriarchal society. The system is designed to favour you. You had no education on gender equality when growing up. But you know what? That can be changed. You have everything your wife has. I know you are smart enough to see that your wife does not use her vagina to cook or order food. And when it comes to strength, you even have more (likely). So if anyone should work and cook, it should be you. And one more thing, the meaning of daddy and mommy has never been static. Those who improve the world understand that change is one of the factors of progress. Think about it.

Ace Replies... (10 points)

Dela Goldheart where did I claim any of the things you said? Where did I claim to be an expert in anything?

Young woman, stay in your lane and think about yourself. I have been married for 25 years. I am sharing MY experience and no one’s. Unless you think that you can teach me better about my own life, please keep your jaundiced views off my wall.

Beneficiary of patriarchy? I have 5 sisters, a wife and 2 daughters who are self-achieved and accomplished. They will rip you to shreds for even thinking this. So on what basis are you coming in? To educate me about what? You are the one who needs lessons on life.

You think you are the only one to undertake gender studies? It will shock you that I have, when you were probably not even born! But it is not all that I have studied in the classroom that are relevant and applicable to my life. Else I would live my life in an exercise book.

The problem with some of you is that you think every male thinks in a certain way and that it is up to you to educate us.

Madam, the person who needs education here is staring right at you in your mirror.

Ace Quickly Tops Up for (290 points)

Dela Goldheart And where did you get the nonsense from about cooking with a vagina? Are you stupid or just deranged? Does the anonymity of social media give you the right to speak tosh to everyone. You would be proud to be associated with my wife for just 5 minutes in your life. Twit!!

Take your personal frustrations and bitterness with life elsewhere and get the heck off my page with your angry, rabid and misdirected feminism. Learn to show respect to yourself first. You are a young woman with serious psyche issues. You need help.

ME: I Choose My Fights with Common Sense :)

To digress no further, and get back to the meat of this piece, which is the pending consideration of a lawsuit against Mr. Gane which hinges around the phrase "hyperbolically diabetic insults and caramelised vulgarities.", we will do our best in the following days to keep you updated on any further developments, be it in the northerly, southerly, westerly or easterly direction, as everything for now hinges on the whims and caprices of what is left of the harmattan winds, that has the Land of Gold in her full embrace.

 Mr. Barnabas Nii Laryea IV contributed to this piece with his account of events.

Disclosure: This odd news report is just a parody, it is not aimed at fanning the flames, and is written with no malice intended. There is also no consideration of a lawsuit against Mr. Gane from the referenced non-existent organizations.



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