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Marricke Kofi Gane serves notice to political bootlickers and detractors

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Popular number-cruncher cum one-man self-appointed political watchdog or perhaps watchcat, by virtue of his Voltarian roots, Mr. Marricke Kofi Gane, has unleashed his ire on an apparent political foot soldier, who took to his inbox with threats, the full specifics of which he has for now chosen to keep in the private of his Facebook compound yard.

In a rare burst of anger, the oft even-tempered Mr. Gane fired a smorgasbordic and lexically fused salvo at the man he identified only as Mr. Xwithable and his lot, letting them know that he is in this ‘fingering thing’ for the long haul, just like the long haul articulator trucks that ply the country’s roads, and that he will not be cowed by their so called intimidating homilies preached on behalf of cloaked big men and women in the business of politricks and fleecing, who goat them on with small chops.

Selorm Branttie, a Vice President at IMANI offers his take on the deal in an interview with Joy FM.


The Genesis of this latest attack and threat on Mr. Gane, who has already outlived the ‘proverbial cat’ by two lifetimes according by him…

“I was told cats had 9 lives. I have died 11 times already and I am still here. And each time, the earth receives me and spits me out. So guess what – I have already died. When I made the decision to return to Ghana, I died one last time – to everything that made me human.”

…seem to have originated from a post relating to some alleged huhudious contract/procurement awards in the not so distant past, and more recently a koni-koni looking and difficult-to- hannerstand KelniGVG mobile telecommunications monitoring contract worth $89m executed by the Communications and Finance ministries involving the National Communications Authority (NCA) that has several Ghanaians crying fowl, as though a thief has broken into their chicken coop on Christmas eve. In fact, my attempts to hannerstand these two issues have been bloviated by unusual time demands from my over-grown one-corner cocoa farm, and lately worsened by my attempt to hannerstand the recent rumpus generated by the upcoming exposé from ace investigative journalist, Anas Ameremeh Ameyaw, that has the country’s FA Boss in some hot water after the CEO of the Land of Gold reported him to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) for allegedly dealing his good name in false pretenses.

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Shifting back to the topic at hand, a concrete post on Mr. Gane’s Facebook timeline seem to succinctly sum things up:

Marricke Gane serves notice to political bootlickers and detractors

Marricke Kofi Gane serves notice to political bootlickers and detractors


And shifting back another gear to Mr. Gane’s elaborate riposte to Mr. Xwithable and his cronies, which several amongst us are still trying to deconstruct in toto due to its weighty parsing that has people with names like Excellent Ansah Turkson checking the words one by one, and several of the words evoking visions of exotic vegetables like dragon fruits, horned melon, tamarillo, papaya, tangerine and Akutu in the minds of some. As for me, after reading the post I concluded that the correct name for the junior version of the popular sun dried fish – Kako – which we all like so much is cacoethes for plural, and cacoeth for singular. Just use it to impress your fav dried fish monger on your next trip to the fish market.

Well, I think it will be a disserve to attempt to brakedown the entire piece, so here you go with a full tap, comments included:

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