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We have noted three primary reactions to the Agreement, namely those who (i) object to the Agreement in its entirety, (ii) think that we could have obtained better terms from the United States, and (iii) do not object to the Agreement at all. OccupyGhana respects all of these views.

OCCUPYGHANA'S Ace Anan Ankomah

OccupyGhana®️ has followed the debate over Parliament’s ratification of the Agreement Between the Government of the United States and the Government of Ghana on Defence Cooperation, the Status of United States Forces and Access to and Use of Agreed Facilities and Areas in the Republic of Ghana (“Agreement.”)

In the heat of the ongoing political tensions in the country marred by entrenched positions, the victim becomes the state, and the most impacted are the citizens whose prime interests we want to protect. Very often, in cases such as this, no one wins, and everyone loses.

Press Statement on the Ghana-US Military Cooperation Saga - Joshua Alabi

 I would like to add my voice to the current discussion concerning the Ghana-United States military cooperation agreement which has occupied our minds as well as our body politic for a few weeks now. I believe that the concerns about this issue are so critical that it is imperative to tackle it head-on in order to nip a potential crisis in the bud, and to allow peace to prevail.

Because of the national interest, we have refused to descend into the gutters to exchange insults with the president due to the sensitive nature of the issue at hand. We rather urge the president to leave his anger, defiant and arrogant posture and lead the good people of Ghana.

Statement by Inter-Party Coalition for National Sovereignty in Response to Address by President Akufo-Addo on the Establishment of US Military Base in Ghana

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