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 ‘ I will make sure I put smiles on your face every single day of your life, every night, hold you, and cuddle to tell you that there is no body in this world I’d better be with except you. You are my source of sunshine.’

Whew! Such smooth words we crave for as women, to be told to us by the one we love, without knowing for sure if the one genuinely loves us back.

How many times do we enter into relationships just because of sugar coated words that are used to sweep us off our feet?

How many times do we sit back and get to know someone better before we begin any form of relationship with?

Are you of the belief that you need to begin a relationship first before you get to know someone?

Are you of the belief that a secret relationship is more successful than an open one?


Have you ever asked yourself why older men who date younger women are just called men! But older women who date younger men are called ‘cougars’?

‘How Do You Want It ‘, is a let’s talk affair. How do you want anything in your life? How do you want your intimate private life to be like?  It delves into the crazy life style of three women, who are crazy about life, love and all the good things that may come with it. It’s a fun life they live, as each other’s unravelling love experiences is a lesson to each one of them.

Akua has a male friend she loves, and he loves her back but hasn’t had the courage to tell her, so she rushes for another who sweeps her off her feet with every bit of himself, especially because he is a matured man. Akua is all about presentation and personality.

Ohemaa likes older men. She is full of humour. She will date you even if you are near to your grave. All you need to have is money.

Owusua likes her men young, to satisfy her needs. This is because she couldn’t be with the one she loved, and has had enough divorces already.
Imagine the ‘matured ‘man who breaks Akua’s heart is Owusua’s long lost love. Hmmm!!!

This drama though is set to be emotional, is also an all fun affair with music and activities that sends you back to how we expressed love in High school, right through to our adult life.

Pants down on this one! This fourth piece from Anita Oduro, writer and director has a vital lesson which is personal to her. This lesson is to both men and women. Do not assume any man or woman is single because they let you know of the intense interest they have in you. Ask questions, anyone who dislikes answering vital ‘normal’ questions but asks you same, you should be wary of. Ask anything and everything you deem necessary to help you sleep at night.

This thrilling and mind blowing romantic stage comedy is set to take place at the Efua T Sutherland Drama Studio, inside the University Of Ghana, legon campus, on the 10th and 11th of February, 2017. Time is 7pm each evening. Tickets going for a cool ₵20.00 cedis. It’s a pre-Val’s event with the first three couple on the first night getting a treat at Zeno’s yoghurt on Val’s day.

This play has its pidgin translation done by Tobi Igbenoba and co-directored by Kelvin Hesse.

Produced by Anod Communications in partnership with Glitter Edutainment, with Zeno’s yoghurt as a package sponsor.

You do not want to miss this play!!!!