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unemployment in Ghana

  • On 1st May, Government says it will launch 100,000 jobs to be created under the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) initiatives. It is an attempt to reduce the pressure building up from unemployed youths.

    • The African Development Bank and its East and North African Governors have stressed the need for urgent measures to match the continent’s growing population and youth unemployment, which they likened to a “ticking time bomb.”

    Africa is projected to have over 840 million youth by 2050 with the continent having the youngest population on earth.

  • Written By Peter Dadzie & Philip Afran Gaisie - Graduate unemployment, used to refer to tertiary school leavers who are willing and able to work at the going wage rate but are unable to find work, is a global problem.

    • Youth unemployment is a serious threat to national security. The problem in securing decent jobs after school may increase the vulnerability of young people to social vices and disorders.

    Written By Dr. Eric Akobeng - The youth are Ghana’s greatest asset and driving force of the economy. However majority of the youth who have acquired knowledge and employable skills do not have stable economic opportunities.

    • He said 19,000 young entrepreneurs and start-ups have been supported with capacity-building initiatives and funding to implement their business ideas within two years, noting that ...

    Government, through the Ministry of Business Development, says it will create 120,000 jobs under the youth entrepreneurship programmes within five years to help reduce youth unemployment and bolster the economy.

    • The whole idea of job recruitment scam may seem laughable to many, but for the victims it is a painful experience especially when they lose money in the process. Asking unemployed graduates to part with money ...

    Written By Nathaniel Nartey - Ghanaians have been hit by waves of scams and fraudulent activities over the years. The infamous ‘sakawa’, 419, mobile money fraud and Loom have all come and gone, or at least reduced to a large extent. However, job recruitment scam appears to be the latest on the block. It entails the fraudulent or deceptive use of job advertisements and other career offers both online and offline to lure job seekers with the sole purpose of defrauding them financially or soliciting sensitive information such as personal details, credit card information among others. And with the high rate of unemployment in the country, it is no surprise that University graduates are usually the prime targets as they become vulnerable and desperate after completing school without getting jobs.

    • Thus, to establish a strong result-oriented educational eco-system in the country, the role and mode of operation of our schools and university systems must change to ...

    Written By Dr Abdul-Fatahi Abdulai Kambala - When Ghana became politically independent in 1957, the education system, thus; schools, colleges and universities, was purposely set up, primarily to produce skilled workforce for the young nation.

    • Productivity and job creation are critical issues that require urgent attention and the government has initiated policies over the last decade to help the country take advantage of its youthful population.

    Written By Dr Bjorn Lomborg - A third of Ghana’s population is between the ages of 15 and 34, but the country struggles to offer employment for its youth.

  • Written By Bileh Dougsiyeh - The issue of unemployment in Ghana, especially among the youth is of major concern to government and stakeholders in the public and private sectors. According to the 2015 Ghana Labour Survey Report by the Ghana Statistical Service, Ghana's unemployment rate as of 2015 stood at 11.9 per cent.

    • In all these changes, we have not yet seen any government that has managed to stop corruption and injustices and deliver jobs to the teeming youth.

    Written By Wilbert Nam-Katoti - The Expectation Gap is an audit and assurance terminology that explains the gap that exists between what the public, especially users of financial statements, believe auditors must do and what the auditors actually do.

  • Written By Gerald Sintim-Aboagye - The definition of “National Security” is ever changing, as its framework is based on the study of human evolution and behaviour. There have been many factors serving as contributors to the threats to states and population, including armed conflict, xenophobia, gang violence, terrorism, religious extremism and sectarian violence, which are fervently featured in the media.

    • According to the 2015 Ghana Labour Force report, 50 per cent of persons 15 years and older were unemployed.

    Written By Andrews Frimpong - Gambling has become a source of stable income for many young people within the La town.

  • For years, we in Africa continue to scratch our heads about our myriad challenges. Often, we will point to this symptom or that, as the cause of our woes. Corruption is regularly fingered, so is poor education, healthcare and many others.

    • Even at its current level of 4.53 per cent (2020), the unemployment numbers appear not only to have fallen in relative terms but also in absolute terms from 1.11 million in 2015 to about 837,145 in 2020.

    Written By Kojo Appiah-Kubi (PHD) - Unemployment rate refers to the percentage of the labour force of a country that is without jobs but is available to work and actively seeking employment.

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