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    • The offense began just before 3:30 a.m. Friday when a newspaper delivery woman called 911 to report a "large alligator acting in an aggressive manner" in front of a home ...

     An 11-foot alligator was detained for breaking and entering a Florida home after its resident woke up to find the reptile taking over her kitchen.

    • Interestingly and incomprehensibly, he negated the vast friendliness and expanse of the bush and opted for the prime comfort of a walled yard and respectable garden.

    A Chinese immigrant in Ghana got more than he bargained for in ‘heavy duty relief’ after he was forced to collect his fecal matter and dispose of it elsewhere.

    • Confirming the impact of the decrepit road on the nonexistence of suitors and a lack of severe marriage opportunities, another of the town’s maidens ...

    The unkempt state of the major thoroughfare leading to the town of Amoma, in the Kintampo South District of the Brong Ahafo Region in Ghana, has been blamed for the lack of suitors for resident and non-resident ladies of the town.

    • “And let me make this categorically succinct. I do not stand for any behavior warped in hyperbolically diabetic insults and caramelised vulgarities, whether you have ever been my mentee or… Mentoring is not fatherhood waii.”

    Two independent organizations: The Diabetic Sufferers Association of Ghana (DSAG), and the Caramel Producers Association of Ghana (CPAG), say they are considering filing a lawsuit against Mr. Marricke Kofi Gane, at the Accra High Court.

    • for over a decade. Police served a search warrant to obtain DNA from male staff at the Hacienda long-term care center, the health care organization said in a statement Tuesday, adding ...

    Phoenix police said Wednesday they are reaching out to the community to help identify a suspect for sexual assault after a woman who has been in a vegetative state for years gave birth.

  • A group of inmates were last week allowed to legitimately put their car lock-picking skills into practice again, albeit under tight supervision of sheriff deputies.

    • Situations of this nature, he claimed, can easily catapult him into the realm of wordsmithing, where he can metaphorically and hyperbolically find Elixir, Comfort, and Caramel in the innocuous and vacuous concoction of high sounding bombastic words stringed and waxed together in perfect union.

    A Fourth Circuit of the Accra High Court, presided over by Her Honor, Justica Evangelina Naa Ganyobi Shooyo Kwatiorkor Quartey, aka ‘mother to all’, has dismissed a lawsuit brought before her by Messrs. Aloysius Kwamina Broniba Engman, and Ulysses Efo Koku Yevuviga with DSAG and CPAG respectively, against one Mr. Marricke Kofi Gane.

    • In his lamentations, he wonders whether their part of the town is not part of the country, given the young men and pregnant woman’s torturous journey to a delivery ward.

     A disturbing video clip of transportation arrangements being made for a pregnant woman going into labor, somewhere in Ghana, currently making the rounds on the various popular social media sites, Facebook included, has left many Ghanaians perplexed and sad.

  • A man has been charged with sexually abusing a goat in central New York state according to the Oswego County Sheriff's Department.

    • Expanding on the ten-year cashew project on his own accord, he said he was all for it, as cashew trees are unlike Guinea fowls, and thus unlikely to grow long wings that can willingly or unwillingly force them to take a one way flight to neighboring countries like Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, and even to Togo, where they may likely consider the fifty-year-old dynastic rule of the Eyadema family a deterrent.

    A novel group of youthful Ghanaian entrepreneurs based in Laterbiokorshie, Accra, identifying themselves as the ‘Manholers and Potholers’, have, in the typical germane sense of the Ghanaian approach to finding solutions to local problems, come up with a unique way to utilize the manholes and potholes that abound on several of the country’s streets to the fullest maximum.

    • And these potholes, and sinking sands, will persist until the power mongers cede initiative once more to the resource planners. Until then, I might have to accept the rivulets that plough valleys on the dirt road outside my house and the potholes waiting to gobble my tires.

    There is a nebulous transition zone between Legon and East Legon. Somewhere as one leaves the University Gate, crosses the dual carriage and gets onto the long winding road of an affluent Accra suburb, the grounds of the university ends and East Legon begins. The wealth does not exactly reflect in the roads, and one notices the abrupt end of the order and lay out of the university, as buildings bulging with commerce, tussle on both sides of the narrow roads for every inch of expensive prime real estate. And here, some buildings ooze wealth, and class, and attainment, and some don’t.

    • In the less than 20-seconds raunchy video clip posted on Twitter by Zero Chills that has so far yielded 112,000 clicks, the fully dressed officer, ...

    An unidentified policeman on duty, perhaps somewhere in the Caribbean Islands, recently gave new meaning to the definition of the word ‘Focus’, as he stood stoically in the face of overt aggressive sexual behavior.

    • ... hence guaranteeing the arrest and taming of the very slippery Cedi, which has been on a Manchester United-like ascendancy since the canning of José Mourinho may not be a core value ...

    President Akufo-Addo’s recent assurance about his government doing everything possible to arrest the flight of the Ghanaian Cedi onto higher ground and unchartered territory has many wondering if his highly touted whiz man cum economic aficionado, Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawuwumia, is sleeping on the Cedi side of the job and unable to perform as far as the exchange rate is concerned.

    • “I heard a noise and we all looked up and down came the rat,” Norman told KTRK.

    An unwanted guest surprised a woman at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Los Angeles on Thursday.

    • The young man was charged with public intoxication, but the mystery behind his self-confession remains.

     Police in Van Buren, Arkansas are still scratching their heads over one of the most unusual arrests they said they have made in years.

    • A wild responsible turkey flawlessly executed the technique of ‘Turkey Crossing’, when it successfully ...

    In a world where minor and major thoroughfares now cut through what was once unhindered territory, some animals have figured out how to cross the street safely for their own safety, and that of their family and friends.

    • At this rate, the next development in the world of Ghanaian cows remains uncertain, but the likelihood of them having their own lane remains a mirage,...

    A herd of cows recently gave new meaning to the term ‘Cow Lane’, when they took over a section of a three-way lane somewhere in Ghana, perhaps in demand of their own lane in that part of town, as their activities continue to expand.

    • Like the small crowd, we have no doubt that whatever provoked the fight was serious enough to call for an instant settling of scores,...

    Two huge rats, who failed to amicably resolve their differences in their bunker, took their dispute public, and duked it out in broad daylight, without any fear of being hunted down by a superior power.

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