Wed, May

abdul hayi moomen

  • Money has become a dominant, determinant factor in Ghanaian politics. It doesn’t matter if the election is at the student level, the district assembly level, or at the political party level.

    Almost everyone I have engaged in a conversation with regarding “delegates congresses” or “delegates elections” have expressed the belief that voters are bribed, not sometimes, but always.

  • It seems to me, and I am not making this argument for the first time, that ours appears to be a country where the angels are always in the present and the devils are in the past.

    If the religious narrative of how Satan misconducted himself in the creator's kingdom is true, then corruption precedes creation — perhaps.

  • The other day, I met Sanatu, daughter of Mashu the shoemaker. She was being tickled in the dark by Yaamuha, the village womanizer. I detested what Yaamuha, known for his touch and go, hit and run, machinations, was about to do to the daughter of ...


    Our elders say “by trying often, the monkey learns to jump from tree to tree”, I used to draw several folds of inspiration from what I thought was the wisdom of the elders, until only a few cock crows ago. When the elders talked about “monkey” and “trees”, were they perhaps, insinuating that those of us who “try often” to become better at what we do are actually “monkeys”? Help me with the answer, oh dear wise one, for your child is more confused than “a group of black ants without a leader”.

  • So, when I heard people mocking some people of religion who had organized for prayers to be said against the threat of the deadly Coronavirus, I was a bit taken aback.

    I am an avid believer in hard work. I do not believe that by merely praying for food, one's belly would get filled up. If there's anyone who believes that this is possible, I will not hesitate in spending my very meager income on his bills at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital.

  • The thieves at all government ministries, agencies and departments, who allow the "wind" to blow away people's very vital documents that arrive on their tables for attention, unless such people put a "stone" on the documents to prevent the wind from blowing them away are part of the problem. The car park attendant,...


    I am not happy. I am not happy at all. It appears that in our chiefdom, we take so much delight in talking and talking but never following up on the talk with any "doing". If there's any chiefdom worthy of the nick name "talk no do" ours would have over qualified to grab that title.

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