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  • The worsening trend of flooding in Accra, in particular, is partly due to the fact that landowners, who develop these structures have the penchant of occupying the entire space of the parcel of land with the structure, such that, no room is left to accommodate their building materials, such as, sand, gravels, blocks, etc.

    Written By Enoch B. Asare - The earth has its own natural surface features, including mountains, hills, valleys, flat areas, natural river channels, with accompanying floodplains, depressions and wetlands, lagoons, etc., which effectively control and manage overland water flows following rainfall.

  • As if we were possessed then, all of a sudden we discovered all the causes and solutions to floods. We were overtaken by a certain powerful force to put measures in place to curtail once and for all the flooding menace.

    For the umpteenth time, the Daily Graphic has had to return to the issue of floods and the mayhem they have caused to families and the country in general.

  • The continuous littering of the environment is actually making the President's vision of making Accra one of the cleanest cities in Africa an illusion. For government to realise this vision,...

    Written by Daniel Otsin - The Government's quest to make Accra one of the cleanest cities in Africa is good, looking at the current situation in the country where it is believed that about 20 million tonnes of waste is generated daily, with Accra alone generating the chunk of it. The improper management of these wastes is making the country filthy and unattractive. T

  • Following the recent one year memorial anniversary service held in honor of those who perished, the many who were injured and the lucky ones who survived unscathed at the Adabraka Ernest Bruce Methodist Church by the nation's leaders in the wake of the June 3rd 2015 Accra flood and fire disaster amidst promises that a lot has been done and a lot more is being done to address the problem of flooding in the nation’s capital, Ghanaians were given a rude awakening and the opportunity to be judges of the progress thus far made as torrential rains in the early hours of Thursday morning, June 09, 2016 gripped parts of Accra and left many areas swamped again and residents asking the usual questions. The rain started around 4 am and lasted for almost 9 hours.

  • The journalists ask the same questions they did the year before, and the year before that – “what are the causes of the flooding and how do we prevent it?”-- It seems to have become a norm.

    Written By Cecil Jojo Hudson - There is a popular idiom that goes: “Children should be seen and not heard”.

  • We have had leaders since the coming in of the 1992 Fourth Republican Constitution who have not moved beyond their words to address these two issues: perennial floods and poor sanitation.

    Written By Alex Blege - In all sincerity, the myriad of problems that plague us is as a result of the lack of a sense of responsibility and urgency.

  • Ghana, like many other developing countries, has not done well in terms of disaster management plans, ...

    Disasters are sudden accidents or natural catastrophes that cause great damage to properties and results in loss of lives.

  • Residents are used to the long talk and unfulfilled promises by the authorities to tackle the canker and, therefore, have every reason to raise concerns about the city’s preparedness for this year’s rainy season.

    Written by Kwame Asare Boadu - Accra is undoubtedly the economic powerhouse of the country, but unfortunately it continues to pay the heavy price of haphazard planning and indiscipline that have combined to cause flooding in the city every year.

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