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  • So, who does Afenyo-Markin think he is? Afenyo-Markin, I urge you to come again, for you have failed woefully in your wicked, selfish and thoughtless agenda to ...

    No demonstration whatsoever is going to compel Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni to resign as Vice-Chancellor (VC) of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW).

  • Afenyo-Markin is also alleged to have recently petitioned the Auditor-General, to undertake a special audit at UEW. It is also confirmed that Afenyo-Markin ...

    Afenyo-Markin, the lad who has spectacularly destroyed his political career through a thoughtless agenda to control and dominate everyone, is hereby reminded that he promised to remove the Vice-Chancellor (VC) of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni from office by the end of May 2019, after he miserably failed to fulfill his earlier promise of removing same at the end of March 2019.

  • The calls placed to some media houses to stop airing my views, are in vain. Threats and intimidations against me, leads to only one result, and that is, more fire!! Sadly, am a Zongo guy myself, ...

    I am humbly appealing to Afenyo-Markin, Jinapor and the UTAG National President, Eric Opoku, to come out of their makeshift bunkers and engage me in a live televised debate on the current University of Education, Winneba (UEW), ‘Afenyo-Markin and associates inflicted harm’ brouhaha.

  • Prof. Avoke, therefore cannot be reinstated on the orders of Afenyo-Markin. The word of Afenyo-Markin is NOT the law and will NEVER be! Simple! The University of Education, Winneba, is a public university, and NOT the personal property of Afenyo-Markin.

    The Member of Parliament for Effutu Constituency, Afenyo-Markin, and his gang of greedy apparatchiks, are the brains behind the recent instability at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW). There is a 13-minute video circulating on social media, depicting the allegedly mentally unstable Afenyo-Markin with some greedy conmen beside him instigating some students of UEW, and some hired and bused thugs to the north campus of UEW, to go on rampage.

  • Since he is a supposed Catholic, he needn’t look too far, because the Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni, the undisputed Vice-Chancellor (VC) of UEW, may administer such deliverance service if called upon.

    Afenyo-Markin claimed that the iron son of the upright peasant farmer is unqualified for the position of Lecturer at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), and as a matter of fact, he is prepared to remove him from his position as lecturer at UEW.

  • I expect Lawyer Afenyo-Markin to sue me, and it will NOT just be a ‘can’ of worms that would be opened, but a whole ‘articulator tanker load of worms’!!

    Upon meeting him the first time, a good number of people are impressed by his ‘babyish energy’ and charisma. Deep down, and in reality however, Afenyo-Markin is a very different creature. The baby with very sharp teeth, is indeed a moving paradox. People wonder how he is able to make so much noise about things he himself is so guilty of.

  • Revisiting Afenyo-Markin’s falsification of Income Tax Receipts, inevitably leads one to question the basis of the prosecution of Hon. Mahama Ayariga, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bawku Central.

    Part I highlighted some of the many illegal, if not criminal activities of Afenyo-Markin, such as defrauding by false pretense in the Asola Fadona case; Afenyo-Markin’s evasion of Income Tax payments by crooked methods; and Afenyo-Markin’s near collapsing of Ghana Water Company Ltd (GWCL), as a result of his disastrous policies, especially, the inflation of contract prices, coupled with blatant and willful violations of the Public Procurement Act 2003 (Act 663) as amended. I will be petitioning Hon. Martin Amidu soon to take a forensic view of contracts and recruitments at GWCL since the assumption of office of the current Board Chairman of GWCL.

  • The issues raised in Parts I, II and III of this series, plainly accuse Afenyo-Markin of open theft, criminal wrongdoing, and moral turpitude.

    Part II of this series brought to light Afenyo-Markin’s theft of about US$180m from an International Bank operating in Ghana and defaulting in the repayment arrangements when the theft was detected. As a result, much of Afenyo-Markin’s property has been confiscated by this Bank, including his residence at Dzorwulu, where Afenyo-Markin now lives as a tenant of the Bank. Afenyo-Markin should be thankful to God for being allowed, after his desperate plea, to continue living in the said house, because it would have been a disgrace of monumental proportions to this rabble-rouser.

  • Afenyo-Markin is now running scared of the Courts. He is quick to sue, but runs away soon thereafter! Afenyo-Markin has now resorted to ...

    It is becoming crystal clear that Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin, is nothing but a troublemaker, creator of chaos and sustainer of same.

  • The call for Ahmed Jinapor’s promotion to Associate Professor because his brother is a staff at the Office of the President, is as absurd as Hilda’s case.

     Let me start by asking Afenyo-Markin this simple question: If the Vice-Chancellor (VC) of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni, has actually carried out a single illegality at UEW, why is Afenyo-Markin not taking the matter to court, but rather engaging in a needless and counter-productive media war? One need not even be a lawyer to go down this simple and clear route.

  • The purely fabricated lie of 30 lecturers having been dismissed, is therefore capricious, malicious and mischievous, aimed at tarnishing the hard-earned reputation of Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni. As can be seen above, nine (9) lecturers have been ...

    Every organization without exception, is legally permitted to discipline its staff as and when the need arises. This is achieved either through internal disciplinary mechanisms or external processes, such as the courts. Therefore, UEW violated no laws of this country when it took disciplinary action against some staff who went contrary to laid down rules and regulations, and who erroneously held the belief that they were untouchable. All lecturers who have been disciplined in one way or another since Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni constitutionally assumed the office of Vice-Chancellor (VC) of UEW, are examined next.

  • At the same time at the UEW is a petition by some stakeholders over the alleged involvement of the vice-chancellor (V-C) and a finance officer of the university in the spending of over GH¢5.7 million as honorarium.

    The history of Ghana’s public tertiary institutions is replete with demonstrations and activism by students, as well as teaching and non-teaching staff.

  • Another babyish assertion of Afenyo-Markin is that a Supreme Court Justice, who only exist in the figment of imagination of Afenyo-Markin, told him that UEW should pay the dismissed gang of five (5), Sena Dake excluded, their benefits.

    Of late, a little chap, who still walks about with the smell of his mother’s breast milk hovering around his mouth, called Afenyo-Markin, has made cowardice and hypocrisy, his trademark.

  • To start with, Afenyo-Markin on numerous occasions, invited the Head of the Procurement Unit of UEW to his house, and ordered him to award specific contracts to his cronies and associates, without any regard for the Public Procurement Act 2003, (Act 663) as amended.

    A careful analysis of the recent actions of the Member of Parliament (MP) for Effutu Constituency, Alex Afenyo-Markin, points to a clear sabotage of the current New Patriotic Party (NPP) Government, presided over by His Excellency, Nana Akufo-Addo.

  • According to him, his decision followed his clearance by the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) after he was indicted for abusing his office.

    There was pandemonium yesterday at the Winneba Campus of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), when Professor Mawutor Avoke, former Vice-Chancellor, stormed the campus seeking reinstatement as Vice-Chancellor (V.C).

  • Afenyo-Markin, a politician who appears irrelevant in Ghana’s politics, and who cannot construct a simple English sentence, or spell other persons names correctly, is now publicly announcing his shameful and pathetic grammar to the whole world. Just take a look at a recent post on the disgraced Afenyo-Markin’s Facebook Wall:

  • Some of us cannot continue to associate ourselves with a union leadership that meets crooked Members of Parliament (MPs) at dead of the night to only issue pathetic and corruption-tainted Press Statements the next day.

    Since the Court of Appeal decision in favour of Kaakyire & Others as dully elected executive of UTAG-UEW delivered, no meeting has been convened by the now Ahmed Jinapor led UTAG-UEW Executive to engage members.

  • On the other side of the rumpus at the university, some stakeholders have petitioned the Auditor General over the alleged involvement of the V-C and the finance officer in the spending of GHc5,769,395 as honorarium, reports Timothy Gobah.

    Students of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) disrupted academic work on the North Campus of the university on Tuesday following a protest against the dismissal of some lecturers by the governing council of the university.

  • The lecturers who have been reinstated to their various ranks with immediate effect are Professor Ephraim Avea Nsoh, Dr Frimpong Kaakyire Duku and Dr Emmanuel Osei Sarpong.

    The University of Education, Winneba (UEW) has reinstated with immediate effect the three lecturers who were recently dismissed by the Governing Council.

  • The UEW in recent times has been in the news for the wrong reasons following moves by Prof. Avoke and other persons to take back positions they were relieved of not long ago.

    Calm has returned to the Winneba campus of the University of Education Winneba (UEW) following Tuesday's attempt by former Vice-Chancellor, Professor Mawutor Avoke to re-occupy his seat after he was cleared of any wrongdoing by the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO).

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