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  • Of course, no way would a Western Aid Agency have allowed the amounts of money paid out to the likes of Woyome (a self-proclaimed “financial engineer” who was paid $32 million by the Ghanaian State for raising a phantom billion euro facility from Austria...

    Many Ghanaians may not be aware, but their country is actually going through a second “decolonisation” phase right now.

  • The decision to shroud all these important matters in silence, including even the name of the printer/mint, is doing very little to dispel lingering doubts and confusion about this whole HVD notes printing business.

    The Bank of Ghana (BoG) on November 29th, 2019, released a document justifying the need for the introduction of “higher-value denomination” currency (HVD) notes.

  • Not surprisingly, when the troubles came, its failure had the worst impact on the financial sector, requiring $1.5 billion to plug the capital deficit hole it left behind.

    When Dr. Addision’s administration at the Bank of Ghana commenced with their plans to force Ghanaian banks to increase their equity whether or not their business model supported such an expansion or not, some of us argued vehemently against it.

  • The ITLOS ruling has provided everyone with an interest in public affairs much to chew on, stuff to debate, and a lot to scratch their head over.

  • The question therefore of whether fluency in any colonial language should be used as a heuristic to measure professional competence is quite important. Such heuristics do not have to be overt to serve as potent tools of discrimination, distraction and eventually deprivation.

    Folk wisdom is rarely expressed in the same phrases across borders in Africa. But this one is: “the ability to speak English is not a mark of intelligence.”

  • Throughout all these explanations, the country was nevertheless not served with any data-backed models to enable independent researchers and other critical observers analyse the totality of the situation for themselves.

    On 19th April, 2020, the President of Ghana announced to Ghanaians that he was, effective from 20th April, lifting the “partial lockdown” imposed on the country since 30th March, 2020.

  • If the trend in confirmed cases does not reflect the underlying trend of true cases, then the official count becomes useless. No one can tell, in those circumstances, if any policy, such as lockdowns, are working or not.

    The Government of Ghana has announced a three-prong strategy for comprehensively responding to the Covid-19 crisis: Testing, Tracing & Treatment.

  • The Gyaman Kingdom in the 18th Century came to lie between two powerful emergent empires, the Kong (created by the storied Ouattaras, believed to be scions of the even more glorious, by then defunct, Malian Empire) and the Asante.

    f you visited Wikipedia right this moment and pulled up the article on ‘Adinkra’, you would be told that the Adinkra motifs were originally invented by the Asante.

  • So, is the whole transaction a sweetheart deal or not? The answer centers on the equation.

    Regarding the current raging controversy over the Government of Ghana’s intent to allocate all future royalties tied to mining leases that produce virtually all of Ghana’s gold, i.e. the two Agyapa Royalty Special Purpose Vehicles, I’m not sure I’m going to be writing a lot about the subject given my current schedule.

  • The government has left the metrics and indicators that will trigger specific actions (such as the loosening of restrictions) much too loose and ad hoc. The trade-off of this flexibility is second-guessing by experts outside the government’s team.

    On 11th April, 2020, I wrote a blogpost warning that if the government of Ghana fails to get its data management under control, it will start to lose public trust, regardless of how well the actual management of the Covid-19 outbreak itself was going.

  • The winners are: Crisis Text Line, Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, mPedigree, mPharma, and Thorn.

    The Skoll Foundation has announced the five winners of the 2019 Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship, a week ahead of the 16th Annual Skoll World Forum.

  • No way can a government that fails to create an environment for flourishing private enterprise do better in the same environment running businesses that the private sector is failing at. But if the private sector is flourishing in a sector then what is the point of government intervention there? Why not just take 25% of what they make as taxes plus the payroll taxes as well?

    It is one of the abiding mysteries of the contemporary society that government ownership and management of business ventures are seen as ideological, whilst support for the conduct is seen as “pragmatism”.The truth though is that the pragmatic position would be to oppose direct government investment in business ventures, at least in Ghana, on grounds of common sense.

  • By the time the dust settled, it had become clear that it wasn’t massive investments into diagnostic assays and reagents, not to talk of RT-PCR testing machines, that had catapulted Ghana to its celebrated position of number two in the league table of African countries that have carried out the most tests.

    A curious thing happened about a week ago. The Government of Ghana, which has been touting its investments into Covid-19 testing capacity to universal acclaim, as the country galloped up the continental league tables, suddenly found itself in the dock. Before long, prominent health leaders in the country were accusing the Government of massaging testing numbers for PR benefits.

  • With roughly $2 billion assets under management, and annual growth exceeding 15% over the last three years, the private pensions industry as a whole in Ghana looks rather muscly.

    The approach of the Ghanaian government and its regulators to “managing” struggling banks in Ghana has evolved yet again.

  • On the strength of these covenants, Columbus was soon installed at the head of a petty, and utterly vicious, despotism in Hispaniola (present-day Haiti and the Dominican Republic). By the time petitions and pleas forced the Iberian State to intervene, recall and imprison him, the man had basically wiped out the indigenous races on the Islands. Was this exactly Iberian foreign policy? Very doubtful. At least at that time. The State will learn over time the lucrativeness of colonial brutality, but only because they had such fine teachers in “privateers” such as Señor Columbus.

    In a recent debate on Facebook about the propriety or otherwise of the highly indebted Ghanaian state building and running factories (something not on the immediate policy agenda but frequently demanded by the country’s residual Marxist intelligentsia), a number of my sparring partners brought up, as expected, the ascendant theory of the “developmental state”.

  • “Towing tax” is doing a good job of slowly competing for my attention! In a packed day, I managed to sneak in an hour and half for scrutinising this curious arrangement.

  • The problem stems from the difficulty of true multidisciplinary thinking. To project well into the future, one needs to understand a vast array of disciplines, scientific and humanities-based, and deeply grasp how findings in one field impact and grow atop developments in other fields ensuring some degree of harmony in technological advancement.

    The critical flaw at the heart of all visions of the “future of work” in which artificial intelligence makes most professions obsolete and drives billions out of work may be summed up in the phrase, “internal anachronism”.

  • His ankadi will bind the rain, dry the muskets of his chomfo nima and cherlan nima, and the Lunsi knows to sing his tributes from that sacred hour, when the Guma Naa cooks the holy yams to pacify the royal lips.

    When the Namo Naa, Lord of the Drummer-Poets, senses in his spirit the rise of a new Yaa Naa, a new verse rises in his ears and he can feel the hairs bristle on the ancient skins of Sitobu.

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