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  • Augustina’s brother called the housemistress to inform her that a “supposed” kidnapper had sent him a text message that Augustina together with two others had been kidnapped and were in their custody.”

    The Police in the Western Region has found a first-year student of the Tarkwa Senior High School who went missing on Thursday.

  • What do we know? The general information is that three or more girls have been kidnapped in the Western Region for five months now, a member of the syndicate has been arrested and there are frantic efforts to rescue the girls to reunite with their families and also apprehend other accomplices.

    Written By DSP Effia Tenge - May be,… I should lead this campaign… Yes!... Why not!.. Girls have been abducted, no trace of them, their present state, whether dead or alive for five good months and still counting and I can’t do anything?

  • The suspect, Joseph Prah, is said to be the boyfriend of the missing young lady, Georgina Ama Amenyo.

    The Police in the Eastern Region have arrested a 19-year-old young man in connection with a missing person case at Akim Anamase.

  • Is it not obvious then that this suspect knew what he had done with the girls but tried in crafty ways to cover his back by tricking all into believing that the teenagers were alive?

    Ringing in my ears since last week were cries of: “Bring back our girls ……. Not their skeletons.” I am definite that that was the silent cry of parents and other relatives whose promising teenage daughters had gone missing, purportedly kidnapped in Takoradi at different stages last year.

  • What we do know is that a Nigerian man, Samuel Udoetuk-Wills was arrested in connection with the kidnappings. Clothes from one of the kidnapped girls were found in his hideaway – but no girls have been recovered.

    Written By Esther Armah - “Dad! Dad! Dad!” she shouted repeatedly. A father gets a distress call from his daughter. She is agitated. Her father is worried and scared for his child. The phone suddenly goes dead. She has been kidnapped. That was in August 2018.

  • The GPS has with regret, therefore, informed the families that the remains are those of Ruth Abakah, Priscilla Blessing Bentum, Ruth Love Quayson and Priscilla Koranchie.

    The Acting IGP, James Oppong Boanuh on Monday announced the results of a DNA test has confirmed that remains retrieved in the course of police investigations are those of four missing girls that went missing in Takoradi last year.
    The remains are those of Ruth Abakah, Priscilla Blessing Bentum, Ruth Love Quayson and Priscilla Koranchie.

  • “Resign or not resign? In fact, my position is not a position that I applied for…apart from ...

    The Director-General of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), COP Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah says she cannot resign over the missing Takoradi girls.

  • On April 2, 2019, COP Addo-Danquah announced that the Police had established the whereabouts of the three Takoradi girls who were kidnapped last year ...

    Every society has its season of goofs and gaffes. Some of them, whiles serious, are mere annoyances that cost us next to nothing.

  • Mr President, there are Mothers involved here - and they each have a heart. In case your people are not telling you sir, some questions Ghanaians are asking include:

    Independent Presidential candidate, Mr. Marricke Kofi Gane, has called for the firing of COP Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah for having failed to provide the location of three missing girls from Takoradi in the Western Region.

  • “He and two other Nigerians: Samuel Udoetuk-Wills and John Oji were alleged to have been involved in the kidnapping of three Ghanaians girls aged between 15 and 21 years.

    Operatives of Nigeria's National Agency for the Prohibition in Trafficking of Persons (NAPTIP) have confirmed the arrest of a man accused of being involved in kidnapping Ghanaian girls to Nigeria.

  • You are an injurious meretricious "poster-girl" of the Ghana Police, a true and valuable example of why blind affirmative action is unhealthy to the inviolable progress of every institution and/State.

    Dear COP M.Y. T. Addo-Danquah,

    While your flagrant delinquency has been apparent for all, save you, I do #hope that you have a little a sense of humanity in you not to dress up in your uniform and go sit in that office this morning or the next ensuing mornings.

  • The current cases of kidnapping and their handling by our police would seem to suggest the police is not worth trusting to ensure a safe society for us.

    My devoted readers would know that I believe in law and order and been a champion and defender of police causes.

  • Some members within the communities where the missing girls lived said they found it difficult to believe what the police had came up with and expressed the hope that the latest update from the police was not a ploy to abandon the search.

    The police have formally informed the families of the three missing girls from Takoradi about their latest finding with regard to the investigations they are conducting into the whereabouts of the girls.

  • DCOP Addo-Danquah said the CID was in collaboration with other stakeholders such as the Bureau of National Investigations (BIN) to bring the kidnapped girls back safely.

    The Police has finally located the three girls who where kidnapped at Tarkoradi in the Western Region last year after four months of search.

  • It is also very disappointing that the police service is behaving as if it has no communication policy in place. A senior officer says the girls have been found or their whereabouts are known but in the same breath the very Police Administration denies the abducted victims have been located.

    Kidnapping can result in very serious negative psychological effects for both the victim and the family. The depression, anxiety and experiences they go through result in psychiatric ailments such as post-traumatic stress disorders which may last a lifetime.

  • The police through their investigations got the information that the girls were allegedly buried in the septic tank behind the accused person's house at Kasaworodo in Takoradi.

    The Police in Takoradi have retrieved some skeletons believed to be that of the three missing Takoradi girls.

  • Police retrieve skeletons suspected to be that of 3 missing Takoradi girls


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  • The two men have been charged with six counts of “conspiracy to commit crime to wit kidnapping and kidnapping.

    The Chief State Attorney in the case of the three Takoradi missing girls, Patience Klinogo, has told the Sekondi High Court that the two Nigerians standing trial for the crime, Sam Udoetuk Wills and John Oji, used coded language on kidnapping and other crimes in their conversations on social media networking platform, Facebook.

  • Barely a month ago, COP Tiwaa Addo Danquah, Director General of the Police CID, whose meteoric rise through the Police hierarchy has raised a few eye brows, boldly declared that her outfit had zeroed in on the whereabouts of the kidnapped girls and were preparing to rescue them.

    Written By Serwaa Amihere - Nearly two-thirds of a year has passed since it was first reported that some unidentified persons had seized a young lady in Takoradi in exchange for a ransom. No sooner had the shocked inhabitants of the historic port city come to terms with the unusual disappearance, than they have to contend with more worrying news of the kidnapping of two teens by the same as yet unidentified clique.

  • This comes in the wake of mounting calls for the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Police Service to prioritize investigations into the kidnapping to ensure speedy rescue of the victims.

    The United States of America and the United Kingdom have announced the deployment of a team of investigators to assist the Ghana Police Service search for the three girls kidnapped between August and December last year in the Sekondi/Takoradi metropolis.

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