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broken relationships

  • Quiet recently I was at Kaneshie and had to head to Kasoa from there. I asked some passers-by who directed me to a waiting vehicle at the station. Guess what. I went to sit in without asking for any further clarification from the passengers and slept off.

  • It’s always better to lose a man/woman before marriage than after marriage. Both have consequences, but the latter is always more damning.

    “No one ever uses their hard-earned money to marry their enemy” is an Akan proverb that is always worth pondering over by unmarried folks. Otherwise speaking, some couples were great lovers until marriage made them great enemies.

  • When people you are emotionally attached to are emotionally attached to someone else, they give you hints. They leave trails that lead to this person in their past. Amazingly,...

    It is a hell on earth dating someone who is still stuck in their past. No matter how much you help them get over whichever mess their ex created, they will still go back to them when they come back to apologize. Regardless of how good you are to them, they still assume it could have been better with their ex. When a man or woman has still not gotten over another, they presume no one, apart from the said person, is ever good enough.

  • Marriage Wahala: At what point did this man lose his brain?

  • Be that as it may, there are three fundamental questions that come to mind if there is a presumption of equality and spouses are entitled to equal share of a property jointly acquired during the subsistence of their marriage:

    Although article 22(3) of the 1992 Constitution prescribes that all spouses must have access to property jointly acquired during marriage and are entitled to an equitable distribution of assets jointly acquired, the famous Supreme Court case of Mensah v Mensah (1998) stated that the sharing of spousal property should no longer be dependent on the substantial contribution principle and that property acquired during marriage is a joint property, and even if the spouses did not make any contribution the spouse is entitled to an equal share in the said property.

  • Getting over a broken heart is no mean task, trust me. It's no easy task to overlook broken trust or disappointment by a loved one. Whatever it is, you need your life back.
    I hope these few tips help you out.

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