Sun, Aug

chanelle kujawu

  • It’s baffling, how after watching the alleged video of the National security minister, one only sees MORALITY and misses vulnerability/lapses in security ....

    Written By Sammy Darko - I am disappointed at the weak defence of the conduct of the minister for National Security and clear case of self-preservation by some. Even more disgusting is the name calling, body shaming of the alleged lady. Essentially we are back at misogyny over accountability.

  • You see, our elders say that a bird that flies off the earth and lands on an anthill is still on the ground. Yes, it is ...

    Dear Nyaba,

    Given the current commentary on the supposed video of an elder of the chief's compound, which has been shared among the people of our chiefdom like the way Koose is shared during funerals in Wa Zongo, I have had to take back my promise not to write to you.

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