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deandre somerville

  • “They handcuffed me in the courtroom after that,” said Somerville, who spent the next 10 days in jail. He said his first ...

    After the familiar nightmare about oversleeping and missing a final exam or a big job interview, waking up usually brings relief. But for 21-year-old Deandre Somerville the nightmare came after he actually overslept for jury service in a Florida courtroom. A judge later punished him with a 10 day jail sentence.

  • In the order, the judge maintained that “the Court also knows that it would have punished anyone who behaved the way Mr. Somerville behaved,” but the sentencing prompted outcry and disbelief from the public and criminal justice experts.

    The Florida man who spent 10 days in jail after missing jury duty is now having his record cleared after the judge decided that he was “totally rehabilitated.”

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