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  • The major goal in treating diabetes is to minimize any elevation of blood sugar (glucose) without causing abnormally low levels of blood sugar.

    Worldwide, diabetes afflicts more than 380 million people; the World Health Organization estimates that by 2030, the number of people living with diabetes will more than double.  

  • With the notion that a diet high in saturated fats and sugars is the principal cause of obesity, different types of diets have also evolved over the years to battle weight loss.

    Written By Edinam Aku Numadzi & Dr. Joana Ainuson-Quampah - Diet centrism describes the naïve tendency of both researchers and the public to attribute a wide-range of negative health outcomes exclusively to dietary factors while neglecting the essential and well-established role of individual differences in nutrient-metabolism.

  • Bello is one of tens of thousands of Nigerians who each year opt to travel abroad for treatment.

    Nigerian authorities say the country is losing more than $1 billion annually to medical tourism as tens of thousands of Nigerians travel abroad in search of the best treatment. Nigeria’s Health Ministry says it is building several world-class health centers to address the issue, but not even the country’s president seems to trust health care in Nigeria.

  • Obesity triggers changes in metabolism — for example, making liver, muscle, fat and other tissues less responsive to insulin. Left untreated, these changes can lead to diabetes.

    Microbes may be helping stir up anxiety and depression in obese people, if results from a new mouse study hold true in humans.

  • The United Nations estimates that nearly 1 billion people worldwide are malnourished, while nearly 2 billion are "overnourished."

    One in five deaths globally is linked to poor diet, experts said in a study released Thursday, warning that overconsumption of sugar, salt and meat was killing millions of people every year.

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