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  • With the notion that a diet high in saturated fats and sugars is the principal cause of obesity, different types of diets have also evolved over the years to battle weight loss.

    Written By Edinam Aku Numadzi & Dr. Joana Ainuson-Quampah - Diet centrism describes the naïve tendency of both researchers and the public to attribute a wide-range of negative health outcomes exclusively to dietary factors while neglecting the essential and well-established role of individual differences in nutrient-metabolism.

  • The study did not include fish, grass-fed beef or processed meats. The plant-based diets emphasized the consumption of legumes, nuts, grains and soy products.

     Red meat has been given a bad rep for heart health in people whose diets have a high proportion of it, but a new study finds that white meat may be just as bad when it comes to cholesterol.

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