Sun, May


  • A gentleman recently told me that he fears a woman who is beautiful, intelligent and gainfully employed but single!

    Age 30 is a big deal in every woman’s life. When a single woman is about to celebrate her 30th birthday, there is often one thing running through her mind— marriage. Her married friends will remind her about it. Her parents will also do same.

  • If your simple wedding means feting an entire generation, so be it. If your... The million dollar question is, “How much would you have left after the one day event!?”

    Some things in life are relative. In fact, every description is relative. It depends on the perspective of the one doing the judging. Your beautiful car may not necessarily be beautiful to another. When you say you have given your best shot at something, to another person, it may be their worst.  The richest man in one village may be the poorest elsewhere.

  • His theatre outfit, Scribe Productions, started preparations for Emergency Wedding last year. It has, however, become expedient for the event to be rescheduled due to the safety and health of audience.

    If there was any time Kobina Ansah's tagline for his play, Emergency Wedding, was relevant, then that time will be now ~ Man has his timelines but God has the clock.

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