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enimil ashon

  • That woman is a representative of the one million Ghanaians who piss around anywhere.

    I saw a GTV news item in which a woman who was arrested for openly defecating behind the Cape Coast Castle some time last year, looked (and sounded) offended.

  • But what was most revolting was his direct attack on the journalistic integrity of the interviewer, Umaru Sanda, that intelligent young man who anchors the Citi Eye Witness News. Merely because a ...

    I know of a Minister of State whose daughter lost her voter ID after the last election and has vowed not to renew it. Reason? She politely asked the dad: “What’s there to vote for?”

  • It was Kwaw Ansah’s reply to Graphic Showbiz editor’s note of scepticism that arrested my attention. “M’ewuraba” (my lady), he said, “in our long struggle, we have never been this way before; never come this far.”

  • But I cannot wave off his threat that "any judge who sits on such a case will vanish", in reference to the possibility of former President Mahama being put before court for his rumoured involvement in the Airbus scandal.

    In Ghana today, no matter what my crimes are, I cannot be prosecuted; nay, even be invited to answer questions.

  • President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo will be remembered for one thing: being unapologetically Christian. I remember the copious biblical references in his acceptance speech at his residence on victory night. Even his first budget was a veiled promise to feed 27 million Ghanaians with “five loaves and two fishes.”

  • To import significant percentages of farm produce from nations in West Africa’s Sahelian zone such as Burkina Faso and Niger, and tuna from China into a country which has surplus fertile lands,...

    There is no country in the world whose citizen go to bed every day on full stomachs. Not even almighty America, United Kingdom (UK) or China, from whom we beg for and receive loans and grants. They, too, have stories of how some of their citizens battle hunger on a daily basis.

  • et, long before the American Senate began a process to formalise the President’s acquittal, the Republican majority seemed to have made up their minds and “nobody can confuse us with the truth”.

    Who has, since September 2019, been in any doubt about the final outcome of what William Shakespeare would have described in 1599 as Much Ado About?

  • That information may be true or false. What is not false is that the gross domestic product (GDP) of South Korea, which was an agrarian economy in the early 1960s, had reached ...

    Dear readers, I need help. I need someone to confirm or deny information I have, that in 1961 or thereabouts, Kwame Nkrumah (in Ghana’s fresh days as a Republic) went to the aid of South Korea with a cash bail-out.

  • On November 27, 2013, the Prime Minister of Latvia, Valdis Dombrovskis, resigned because the roof of a supermarket collapsed killing 54 people. He said he took political and moral responsibility. That, to me, was “culture” in action: his action reflected the society’s norm.

  • Amazed? Sorry for being so heavy with the text. So many bitters - all made in Ghana; in fact, too many for a country with the kind of health facilities we have. Yet, ....

    Below, I am going to commit a sin in mass communication – the production of mass of text in a single sentence or paragraph. They call it semantic noise. Here we go.

  • I think it is emerging that Ghana simply does not have the wherewithal to sustain this policy that says: no more admission fees, no library fees, no science centre fees, no computer lab fees, no examination fees, no utility fees, no boarding fees and free tuition.

    My two best Presidents: Paul Kagame, the President of Rwanda and Croatia’s President, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovi.

  • What our leaders did not take into account 44 years ago was that element of human nature called “self-preservation”. Defined as the first law of nature, it is ...

    In August this year, Nigeria shut its borders with all its neighbours, Republic of Benin, Niger and Cameroun. This is not the first time an African country is closing its borders to their neighbours.

  • Next Saturday at the National Theatre, a scheme that awards promises to grow into the mother of all awards in Ghana— namely the Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah African Genius Awards— will be held. One journalist who witnessed the maiden edition three years ago described it as “second in weight only after the National Honours given out by the Head of State”.

  • In 1992 and every election year since then, Ghanaians have succeeded in frightening ourselves out of our wits; so frightened that religious bodies go into a frenzy of prayer and fasting for peace.

    Do you seem, over the last few months, unable to fight off a certain fear that violence is about to break out before this year’s elections and that the situation might degenerate into civil war after December 7?

  • The critics and experts were absolutely sure this couldn’t be Ghanaian. Some labelled it a “419 scam”; others said the app was “amateurish”, a “copy”. Some smelled political patronage ...

    The Asaasegps Prophecy.

    When a whole Vice-President of a country puts his reputation on the line and declares a Ghanaian product the best in the world, that can be pretty dicey; but that is what Dr Bawumia did. In 2017, when so-called experts and NGOs swooped down on Vokacom Ghana Limited like vultures upon a hapless prey, it was his voice that caused many Ghanaians to sit up.

  • I am not a publicist for the NPP government, and by my nature, I hate propaganda, but I would have thought that the panacea for tax dodging and motorists’ crimes is the digital addressing system.

  • It is a crying shame that 60-plus years into self-government, we have Ghanaians who still rely on pit and pan latrines. In a country where every MP, every Minister, every party or state functionary and every pastor goes around in V8, this is a shame indeed.

    The dreaded pandemic means many things to many people. For me, the picture of Black Cuban doctors arriving in Italy in response to an SOS from this European country of white men and women, was a moment of triumph for the Negro Race.

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